Dick ‘Worst Political Pundit Of The Year’ Morris Still Can’t Figure Out How Obama Won (VIDEO)

He's not laughing with you, Fox News audience. He's laughing at you.

They STILL put me in front of a camera? AHAHAHAAH! Suckers!

If there’s one thing America can’t stand, it’s a sore loser. This, however, sums up former Fox commentator Dick Morris’ entire career. After being fired from the 1996 Clinton campaign for being stupid enough to not only getting caught in a prostitute scandal, he then made a spectacle of himself in the process of “resigning.” Afterwards, Morris, knowing he was finished on the left, turned into an attack dog for the right, saving his deepest vitriol for the Clintons. A classic case of sour grapes.

Later, Morris joined Fox News in a career move noted for its lack of integrity and accuracy. Mostly the lack of accuracy, though. In the lead up to the 2012 election, Morris was steadfast in his declaration that Obama was going to be crushed in both the popular vote and the electoral college. Of course, this turned out to be exactly 100% wrong, as Obama not only stomped Romney in the electoral college 332-206, a landslide, even by Fox News’ standards (they claimed Romney’s winning 321-217 would be a landslide but somehow called Obama’s win “a squeaker”), but Obama won 51% of the popular vote for a second time (over 5 million more votes than Romney). To put this into perspective, that hasn’t happened since 1956, and Obama is only the sixth president ever to win two elections with 51% of the electorate.

This epic failure of prediction earned Morris the uncoveted title of “The Worst Political Pundit of 2012” from pundittracker.com.

Even Fox seemed to have had enough and Morris was yanked from the regular line-up immediately after the election until Fox announced this week that Morris’ contract was not being renewed.

Undeterred, Morris is still claiming that he would have been totally right. If only it hadn’t been for that meddling Superstorm Sandy.

Here’s the video:

This desperate bid to stay relevant in the face of complete and total professional incompetence would be a little hard to watch if weren’t for the inherent humor involved.

When confronted by the verboten name of Nate Silver (the “smart” to Morris’ “ass”), Morris quickly abandoned his quest to blame Mother Nature for Obama’s historic victory and focused on, “why Obama won by such a margin.” Morris points to the rapidly shifting demographics of the country and, in this, wonder of wonders, he is correct. He then ruins his moment of clarity by parroting the right-wing talking point that “8 million whites stayed home.” The reality is that Romney got almost one million more votes than John McCain did in 2008. Low conservative turnout was not the problem; the real problem (from a right-wing point of view) is that Republican efforts to suppress the liberal vote were not as successful as they could have been. Obviously, too many minorities, elderly and students voted. Why do you think the GOP is hard at work trying to rig the next election?

Sorry, Dick. You had a good run on both the left and the right. Maybe you should try pandering to the Libertarians next. It’s a well know fact they’re huge fans of unicorns, Ayn Rand, and other fairy tales. You’ll fit right in.

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