Tinfoil Hat Alert; Alan Keyes Says Obama Gun Control Push Is Plot To Murder Billions (VIDEO)

Don't say he didn't warn you of the coming Holocaust!

Don’t say he didn’t warn you of the coming Holocaust!

Far Right lunatic and Birther Alan Keyes has discovered the true purpose behind the nefarious liberal campaign to “Git Yer Gunz!”

Population control by way of mass murder.

Yes, Keyes has revealed that in these uncertain times just before the fall of civilization, Obama and the liberal conspiracy are attempting to disarm the public so they will “fall prey to the criminals and the psychotic folks that want to take advantage of it.”

Keyes elaborates as to why:

You want us to be prey to those folks, you want people to be defenseless… it gives them [Obama and the liberal conspiracy] an excuse to consolidate despotic tyrannical totalitarian power…


It also accords with what appears to be their vision of the future world in which by some means they are going to cull the herd so that instead of having billions we’ll only have hundreds of millions of human beings on the face of the planet.

Here’s the video:

It’s important to note that Keyes left the Republican Party a few years ago because they simply weren’t conservative enough for his taste. “Conservative,” in this context, being understood to mean “batshit crazy.” Along with being a Birther, Keyes is also a religious extremist that abhors homosexuals as well as evolution.

Like his fellow gun and conspiracy nuts Alex Jones and Ted Nugent, Alan Keyes is only helping the momentum for common sense gun control. The louder they screech, the more they expose the violent and twisted core at the center of the NRA-led gun proliferation movement. Finally, the veneer of respectability has fallen away from these people and America is getting a good, hard look at what the right stands for.

It’s about time.

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