LGBT People Are Like ‘Developmentally Disabled’ Children Says WorldNetDaily Columnist

In the battle for outrageous comments by the right-wing to back up their hypocrisy, it takes a lot to make a splash. Erik Rush of WorldNetDaily, however, has reached a new level with his piece published Thursday titled “Americans’ Intellectual Indolence.”

In it, he classified anyone who has a differing opinion as “low-information” and “most of these are either laughably dim by nature or pitifully ignorant due to deep indoctrination.” To continue, they are “dedicated liberals evidence increasingly deeper delusion as they continue to advocate for our Marxist in chief. I suppose that this is to be expected, as pathetic and craven though it may be.” Good way to start off a piece, complaining that the majority of the United States disagrees with you.

But, he goes off on a rant, claiming that the Obama administraion is being fiscally irresponsible, ignoring that Congress sets the budget, not the President. Then he claimed special insight into Obamacare, claiming that contrary to reality, Obamacare is an expensive socialized medicine system. If we only were so lucky.

But, the second half of his piece reveals the point of his rage. His rant turns on its heel, and he blames – wait for it – homosexuals. From his article:

One would think this a no-brainer; they need to continue to keep gays out of the BSA.

He then claimed that “Private organizations” have “the right to discriminate all they like” and are under attack “by a militant homosexual lobby that wishes to normalize the popular perception of homosexual behavior.”

I am convinced that many of its “true believers” aren’t even aware they are merely pawns of the radical left, but given the latter’s tenacious modus operandi, otherwise intelligent, conscientious people have nonetheless subscribed to the prevailing propaganda proffered by an agenda-driven press and the homosexual lobby.’

Then, there’s the ongoing discussion and legislation relative to homosexual “marriage.” Like black Klansmen and male sorority sisters, “gay marriage” simply doesn’t exist. Oh, we have monogamous homosexual couples playing house, and certain states issuing marriage licenses to them, but there’s no marriage there. This is because marriage is not a civil union; it’s an ordained one.

A very common argument by those on the right, failing to study their civics or history, where marriage was not an ordained right, but only a civil. The addition of religious overtones to marriage were not even formalized until the Council of Trent in 1563, and before that was a legal status, with few, if any, religious overtones. Same sex marriage was even fully legal throughout Europe until the Theodosian Code which imposed the Christian ideology of the Emperor Theodosius II onto the Byzantine Empire. Same Sex Marriage survived in the Meditteranian region, however, before finally being stomped out from the isolated oasis Siwa in the mid-20th century.

Then he tries to repeat the disproven claim that homosexuals are pedophiles:

There’s much more, of course: The widespread myth that homosexuality is normal rather than aberrant, that it is hard-wired into individuals rather than being a persuasion or choice, that it is not harmful to society, and that it is not harmful to children. One particularly dangerous fallacy advanced by homosexual activists is that pedophiles (such as those who have been charged with molesting Boy Scouts over the years) are not homosexuals.

Myth is something without a scientific base in reality. As homosexuality has a scientific basis this would make his arguments against it the myth. In addition, those who molest children are not homosexual at all.

But since when as a right-winger been interested in science?

To make his point, he closes by comparing those seeking equal rights with children. But not just any children:

These submissions against better judgment are analogous to capitulating to a developmentally disabled child who wants to play with matches simply because they have been persistent in their requests to do so. Obviously, the child does not know better; as the developmentally sound individual present, it is that person’s responsibility to refuse his or her requests, not defer to them.

A person seeking marriage equality, to Mr. Rush, is a developmentally disabled child.

Hatred is a funny thing. When one wishes to oppress a minority, often times the bigots will call them “like children” or worse, that they are out to harm women and children. With this move, it shows that he is little more than another right-wing bigot, using the same old tricks of the trade to try and impose his extremist viewpoint on to the United States. Mr. Rush, and others like him, would like to see nothing less than a Christian Taliban, a religious extremist government which rules by a narrow religious interpretation.

Nathaniel Downes is the son of a former state representative of New Hampshire, now living in Seattle Washington.

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