Addicting Info’s Weekly News Roundup — Week Of February 3rd-9th

Addicting Info Weekly News Roundup
Whew! We’ve had quite the busy week here at Addicting Info. In case you’ve been too busy to keep up with all this week’s news, or read all the articles we so lovingly craft for you each day, here’s our weekly news roundup of highlights. Once you’re all caught up, you can face the new week knowing that you’re prepared to out-argue any Republicans you may come across.

  • Post-Superbowl Hangover: Did you know that one third of Americans believe that God determines the outcome of the Superbowl and other sporting events? (Shannon Barber); Coke and Pepsi bullied their competition, SodaStream, out of their first pick Superbowl ad (Nathaniel Downes); Demand a Plan’s pro-gun safety Superbowl ad tore the lid off of the National Rifle Association’s rampant hypocrisies (Justin “Filthy Liberal Scum” Rosario); and … Now that the party’s over, Lorraine Devon Wilke wants to talk about football-related brain injuries (is THAT why so many football fans seem stupid?).
  • Those Danged Republicans: Lewis F. Powell, a Supreme Court justice appointed by GOP President Richard Nixon in 1972, reached out from the grave to block Obama’s recess appointments (Jill Klausen); 43 GOP senators threatened to block Obama’s Consumer Financial Protection Bureau appointee with a filibuster unless he allows them to cripple and control the bureau (T. Steelman); Republicans support austerity measures even though they’ve proven disastrous in Europe (Egberto Willies); The GOP comes up with another election rigging plan, this time, in Pennsylvania (Elisabeth Parker); Virginia’s governor has proposed a tax on hybrid and other alternative energy automobiles … which effectively amounts to a tax on liberals (Wendy Gittleson); Karl Rove has turned against the Tea Party, and the Republican’s civil war is ON! (Nathaniel Downes); Republicans are stampeding away from the upcoming senate race in Democratic-leaning Massachusetts in droves (Deborah Montesano); Eight male GOP senators voted against the Violence Against Women Act (T. Steelman); Rick Perry makes yet another attempt to lure California’s businesses to Texas (Elisabeth Parker); GOP House leader Eric Cantor flip-flops on immigration and decides all those boat anchor babies can stay (The Rambling Fool); and Top Republicans attempt to rebrand sucky ideas (Egberto Willies).
  • The Jabbering Classes: Pastor and radio talk show host Kevin Swanson warns women that birth control pills cause “tiny little fetuses” to be “embedded” in their wombs, which effectively “become graveyards for lots and lots of little babies” (Rika Christensen); Bill O’Reilly blames our problems in the Middle East on hippies (Lorraine Devon Wilke); Glenn Beck — in an unusual moment of honesty — explained to his audience how he and his fellow conspiracy theorists take a kernel of truth and wrap it up in layers of lies (Nathaniel Downes); Chris Wallace totally tore into NRA President Wayne La Pierre and left him stuttering and gasping for air like a fish out of water (Tiffany Willis); Defense Secretary Leon Panetta defended Chuck Hagel’s lackluster performance during his confirmation hearings on Meet The Press — but not very enthusiastically (Shannon Barber); Bill O’Reilly gets caught embellishing the truth (oh wait, is that really news? — Shannon Barber); Skankzilla Ann Coulter says “screw you” to President Obama (Rika Christensen); Fox News cans Dick “always wrong” Morris (Egberto Willies) while a former Fox News reporter dishes on what it’s like behind the scenes with David Pakman; Fox News‘ Steve Doocy makes an ugly, sexist attack on Hillary Clinton (T. Steelman).

  • Guns … Navy Seal and best-selling author of American Sniper, Chris Kyle, was shot and killed at a gun range (McAllister); Winning Progressive takes a few potshots at some of the NRA’s most egregious myths; even top Republican strategists think the GOP should embrace universal background checks for firearms buyers (Rika Christensen); A three-year-old boy in South Carolina shot himself with a “cute” pink gun that looked like a toy (Tiffany Willis); Nathaniel Downes explains what, exactly, was forbidden under the new assault weapons ban — with photos and charts; poll shows NRA endorsements turn off voters (Elisabeth Parker); seven states have introduced bills that would require “responsible” gun owners to buy insurance, and the pro-gun lobby doesn’t like that one bit (McAllister); Sylvester “Rambo” Stallone sees no need for assault weapons … so can we please shut up about them now? (Michael Hayne); 40 guns bills are submitted to the U.S. Congress this year, and it’s only February (McAllister).
  • … And Gays: Boy Scouts of America reviews its anti-gay policy (Tiffany Willis), then wusses out and delays their decision (Justin “Filthy Liberal Scum” Rosario); Matt Moore, the headline-grabbing Christian, anti-gay crusader who brags about taking the “gay cure,” gets caught trolling for men on gay dating site (Tiffany Willis); a Tennessee Republican state representative claims that being gay is the same as shooting up heroin (Michael Hayne); a Florida school district attempts to ban an LGBT student group (T. Steelman); a Florida judge okays a three-parent birth certificate (Wendy Gittleson); Focus on the Family’s director calls gay marriage a “pernicious lie of  Satan” (Rika Christensen); and WorldNet Daily columnist declares that LGBT people are like “developmentally disabled children” (Nathaniel Downes).
  • Transitions: Tiffany Willis curates a collection of the late New York City Mayor Ed Koch’s most memorable quotes and tweets; a new study from the Department of Veterans Affairs finds that our veterans are committing suicide at a rate of 22 per day (Lorraine Devon Wilke); Afghani women’s rights crusader, Malala Yousafzai, defies the Taliban and is nominated for a Nobel Prize (Lorraine Devon Wilke); U.S. Postal service ends Saturday delivery (the Rambling Fool); a granddaughter of the hate-filled Westboro Baptist Church flew the coop and speaks out, then a second granddaughter loses faith in Westoboro’s bigotry (Lorraine Devon Wilke); the late digital rights activist Aaron Schwartz’ prosecutor faces a congressional investigation in the wake of Schwartz’s suicide (David Pakman); and Michelle Obama attends the funeral of the schoolgirl who was shot a week after performing at Barack Obama’s inauguration (Lorraine Devon Wilke).
  • International News: A missing American mother of two on a photography adventure was murdered in Turkey (Lorraine Devon Wilke); China’s evil smog invades Japan while other neighbors wonder who’s next (Nathaniel Downes); looks like the “sexiest man alive” has a special valentine for us … the New York Times dug up a North Korean propaganda video boasting their ability to lob nuclear missiles into the U.S. (Justin “Filthy Liberal Scum” Rosario); a leaked video reveals the President’s disturbing policy for using drones to strike down Americans abroad (David Pakman); and Ron Paul takes on the United Nations (Wendy Gittleson).
  • Random Hate & Bigotry: A speaker at a Michigan Tea Party gathering calls minority school children “ethnically challenged) (Wendi Petit); a Texas county tries to drive minorities off their lands by jacking up property taxes (T. Steelman); a shocking photo signals the resurgence of anti-semitism in the U.S. (Nathaniel Downes); a whistleblower reveals that a Silicon Valley green energy start-up underpaid 14 illegal Mexican workers in pesos (Elisabeth Parker); and a pizza shop owner tells the mother of an autistic child to “pack up your retarded kid and stop being lazy” (The Rambling Fool).
  • Miscellaneous: Oregon is now the only state in the U.S. with no abortion restrictions (T. Steelman); the state of Kansas ditched Obamacare, returned $31.5 million to the feds, and is going rogue … let’s see how well THAT works out for them (Gloria Christie); Skankzilla Ann Coulter is under investigation for voter fraud … what’s up with these Republicans and voter fraud? (T. Steelman); after a week-long stand-off, paranoid survivalist kidnapper died and his 5-year-old hostage was found alive and (hopefully) well (Shannon Barber); a poll finds that GOP propaganda is working and 53% of Americans view the government as a threat to personal rights (Wendy Gittleson); Fox News takes “spare the rod, spoil the child seriously” and heaps praise upon a store employee for assaulting a child (Nathaniel Downes); a prominent scientist equates teaching creationism in school with child abuse (Deborah Montesano); and Congress acts to close corporate tax loopholes (Wendi Petit).


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