NRA Brags About Politicians In Their Pockets While Dismissing The ‘Connecticut Effect’ (AUDIO)

The National Rifle Association is in serious trouble. They are shedding members and have to resort to outrageous claims to try and present themselves as still effective. Take for example Wisconsin NRA lobbyist Bob Welch, who at the NRA’s Wisconsin State Convention this past weekend had some choice words to say:

We have a strong agenda coming up for next year, but of course a lot of that’s going to be delayed as the “Connecticut effect” has to go through the process. […] What’s even more telling is the people who don’t like guns pretty much realize that they can’t do a thing unless they talk to us. After Connecticut I had one of the leading Democrats in the legislature—he was with us most of the time, not all the time—he came to me and said, “Bob, I got all these people in my caucus that really want to ban guns and do all this bad stuff, we gotta give them something. How about we close this gun show loophole? Wouldn’t that be good?” And I said, “no, we’re not going to do that.” And so far, nothing’s happened on that.

Hear it for yourself here:

The deaths of innocent children is just an “effect.” But more telling is how the NRA feels that nothing can happen without their say so. The overinflated sense of self-importance is highlighted when they felt that it was fine to tell a politician what he is, or rather is not going to do. They told him not that they advise against it, they told him directly to ignore his constituents, the people who elected him to office. To repeat, in Mr. Welsh’s own words:

No, we’re not going to do that

Are our politicians elected into office to represent weapons manufacturers, as the NRA Does, or their constituents? According to Mr. Welsh, politicians are there to bow to the NRA’s wishes, and that’s it. His advise to politicians is to wait for the ‘Connecticut Effect,’ that is, the deaths of innocent children, to “go through the process” of forgetting. He also feels that without the NRA, there is no way for any reform to happen.

The NRA is failing to grasp that their political power is on the wane, and that if they fail to take part, they will not have their voices involved in the solutions. Already legislation has been introduced which goes far beyond the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban. And support for it is on the rise. If the NRA continues in their persistence, that politicians “can’t do a thing unless they talk to us” then the final Assault Weapons Ban will be incredibly draconian compared to the last.

Either the NRA joins the anti-massacre lobby at the negotiating table, or the final measure when passed (not if at this point, as polls demonstrate an increasing rise in support for it) it will be far more harsh than anything we’ve seen before. By taking this stance, the NRA is doing a disservice to both its members, and to law-abiding firearm owners across this nation. Their attempt to stonewall will result in their own destruction if they do not change their tune, and soon.

Nathaniel Downes is the son of a former state representative of New Hampshire, now living in Seattle Washington.

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