BREAKING: Top Clinton Donor Confirms Hillary Will Run in 2016

clinton and obama

According to Greek Reporter, a “close friend and top political donor” to the Clintons is now saying that former President Bill Clinton confirmed to him that Hillary Clinton will be running for President in 2016.

Angelo Tsakopoulos, a major real estate developer in California, made the announcement at a private event last weekend, possibly putting an end to years of guessing and speculation on whether or not Clinton would make another run for the Oval Office. Tsakopoulous is no stranger to the inner workings of politics — according to Greek Reporter, he raised more than a million dollars for the 2008 Clinton campaign and his daughter is currently serving as the Ambassador to Hungary. Any future Clinton campaigns would undoubtedly involved his family and, according to him:

“My daughter will continue serving as an Ambassador for the next three months, and then she will return to the U.S. to help elect Hillary [as] President.”

Recent polling shows Hillary Clinton is currently America’s most popular politician, something that no doubt figured into any decision to run for office in 2016. Her work as Secretary of State won her unparalleled respect and acclaim on both sides of the aisle in Washington and internationally, despite the right-wing media’s near non-stop attempts to discredit her.

The announcement also adds new light to President’ Obama’s parting gift to Clinton, where he arranged for donors to wipe out all of the outstanding debt held by the 2008 Clinton campaign. While this magnanimous gesture on Obama’s part gave us all real insight as to how well their relationship has healed since the divisive 2008 primary, it could turn out to have more real political meaning behind it than originally expected, having potentially put Clinton in a fantastic place to begin fundraising for a run in 2016. Since any Democratic candidate will undoubtedly be faced with the perpetual Republican shenanigans designed to ensure the GOP steals all future presidential elections and what is virtually guaranteed be a gigantic Republican war chest, it could be more important than ever before that the Clinton campaign start with a clean slate and as little baggage as possible.

It should be reported that Clinton herself is still mum on any run in the next presidential election, but that’s also standard operating procedure for any candidate, especially this far from the election itself.  This announcement, though, coming from someone so intimately tied to the Clintons and their campaigns, is definitely a good sign.

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