The New Red Scare – Right-Wing Pundits Turn To Calling CIA Nominee A Muslim (VIDEO)

By this point, we all are aware that when a right-wing pundit lacks a credible argument they will call the person they are arguing against socialist, or a communist, or now, a Muslim. So, when disgraced former FBI agent John Guandolo starts throwing around the M word, accusing the nominee for CIA director John Brennan, those of us with any common sense roll our eyes. However, in the right-wing blogosphere have latched on to this accusation with both hands and are running with it!

You can watch his accusation for yourself here:

John Guandolo has a bad history of taking any group he dislikes and claiming that they are part of a vast Muslim radical conspiracy, such as this piece on The right-wing needs something to use against John Brennan, so Mr. Guandolo trots out the same arguments as ever.

The red scare, where those who were in government would accuse anybody they disagreed with of being a communist, or communist sympathizer, is an old tactic. It plays off of misinformation and fear, staples of Tea Party politics. Hence, the accusation is going far and wide.

Fact is, it does not matter what religion John Brennan is or isn’t. Muslim is not some apocalyptic cult, who seeks to overturn the nations laws and impose religious structure upon us all. That would be the Westboro Baptist Church, Alliance Defending Freedom, Sovereign Citizens, and other groups fed by stochastic terrorist media outlet, Fox News. They continually paint the world’s second largest religion as monsters in order to make them the scapegoat for any trouble they can find.

The right-wing has painted themselves into a corner, politically. They have tried to hype themselves up as the hawks, but in fact they are chickens. When a real hawk walks into the room, as John Brennan has, they cannot criticize his policies, so they come up with nonsensical arguments to try and make something stick. The labels, the name calling, it is all a sign that they have no leg to stand on, and are making noise in an attempt to try and get their way. When a child does this, we call it a temper tantrum. It is time we stopped appeasing these children on the right-wing, and get down to serious grown-up work in Washington.

Nathaniel Downes is the son of a former state representative of New Hampshire, now living in Seattle Washington.

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