Glenn Beck States That Christopher Dorner Proves The Left Wants Violence (VIDEO)


Glenn Beck isn’t the person I usually go to for good political commentary, and there is a reason for that. He’s self-deluded, arrogant and irritating. His delusions can be somewhat entertaining in the awesome levels of incredulity they inspire, and this is one of those times. Beck states that he believes that the left wants violence, and people like Dorner are the proof.

Here’s the video, courtesy of Right Wing Watch:


The video starts off with:

We know, as we have seen, they [those on the left] despise the police. We saw that at Occupy, and in leftist support for cop killers such as Mumia Abu-Jamal. A large part of Dorner’s manifesto is hatred for the police. Now there’s a Facebook page to honor and support Dorner! Has thousands of likes! Encourages him to run for president! Well why not? Let’s put more crazy people in there!

Beck is attempting to give the impression, by citing a couple of Facebook pages, that there is broad endorsement of Dorner’s actions by the left. There isn’t. For many of us who have read the manifesto and sympathize with what is clearly a man in a lot of pain and at the end of his sanity, the entire situation is a tragedy. We don’t condone murder; we feel for the pain that drove him over the edge. The deaths of those killed by Dorner simply add to the incredible sadness that the entire situation is marked by. I recommend everyone wishing to gain a deeper insight into the situation read his manifesto. It’s very long, but worth it.

He continues,

There’s a second Facebook page that says, “We’re all Chris Dorner,” with comments like, “yeah! This is war!” Hang on, let’s listen for the media. Let’s listen for the President. Let’s listen for the Republicans. Oh, (unintelligible) do I hear the Republicans? (begins pretending to cry)

Knowing Beck, I sort of expected some real tears. The childish tone in his voice made me crack a smile while writing this, though.

Radical progressives look for the disenfranchised and they stir them up to violence and you can expect more. There are a lot of crazy people out there on the left that want anarchy. They want the top to come down. Targeting police and government buildings, setting off bombs and causing disruption. This is the pattern throughout American history. Whenever the radical left feels like they’re very close to getting the oppressive government that they want, they try to shove the American people over the edge and it’s the same people, the same conditions, the same hatred, the same complaints! “America is the aggressor, we have to have more equality, Islam is the only way.” Brace yourself, because the only thing we haven’t seen from the 1960s is the outbreak of violence.

This is why it’s impossible for leftists to take people like Beck seriously; this tirade makes little to no sense in most parts. First of all, how can people on the left be “anarchists” who “want the top to come down” if we’re too busy getting “very close to getting the oppressive government” that we so dearly want? I won’t go into rules on wombs and marriage right now, but I think most of us realize that the government feels biggest when it’s at your wedding and doctor’s office.

The left doesn’t endorse violence and murder. That’s why we oppose pointless wars that aren’t wars of self-defense. That’s why we don’t want high-capacity magazines and military weapons on the streets. And his barb about progressives seeking religious equality for all (“Islam is the only way”) would have a ring of right-wing truth if you replaced the “Islam” with “Christianity.”

Mr. Beck, your fear- and hate-mongering attitudes have no relevance any longer. Stop using your influence to inspire divisiveness.


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