Tinfoil Hat Alert – Conspiracy Theorists Now Claim Obama Is A Master Assassin (VIDEO)

The right-wing in this country has lived inside of their own echo chamber for so long at this point that they are reaching for the most extreme theories rather than face the truth. The new hot conspiracy going the rounds in order to try and preserve their little bubble world is that the president gained his position through voter fraud, stealing the election from Hillary Clinton. As crazy as it sounds, listen to it yourself:

By itself, not a major issue, but the nut-jobs of the right-wing have taken this weak argument (her documents of support consist of a handful of papers) and turned it into a vast conspiracy, pegging the president as a master assassin. This began on the Red White & Blue show on Conservative Nation Radio, as you can hear here:

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Instead of just claims of voter intimidation, and that the president is a marxist socialist nazi muslim from Kenya, now the right-wing blogosphere has come out and claimed that Obama had key members of the Clinton delegation assassinated. A sampling of the conspiracy:

They claim that at the DNC convention in Colorado, Obama was carried into a room, weird chanting and suddenly emerging as if he was a new man only moments later by Kam Kuwata, who Obama then had to eliminate. The problem with this argument is that not only is the source for it from comments, not any researched material, but that Mr. Kuwata died two and a half years after the reported incident. A master assassin would have had him die at the convention, before he could tell his tale.

This of course makes it appear that Obama is some form of master occult leader, or possibly some demonic figure. Some have claimed that the president is here to pave the way for the anti-christ. For those people, this account of Obama spitting out weird chanting while apparently in some kind of trance is right up their alley. These people likely believe that the president is performing dark magic every night in office. Oh wait, they do.

They then go on to claim that Obama had Bill Gwatney assassinated. The problem here is that the killer, Timothy Dale Johnson was a chemically unbalanced man who was out to “take out” some liberals. Sporting an anti-Bill Clinton bumper sticker on his car, he did not fit the profile of an Obama agent. Of course this did not change the vote, as Mr. Gwatney’s wife filled in for him, and still cast her vote for Hillary regardless.

This claim is to try to show that Obama is some ruthless dictator, killing his political enemies. The problem here is that if that were true, why is John Boehner and the Tea Party caucus in the house still alive? A master occultist capable of bending black magics to his will is one thing, but a dictator would have something happen to those who blocked their legislation. If the argument was that they want to keep the facade of elections going, then that the justices of the Supreme Court, which are not elected but appointed by the president directly, would have had a target on their back. As nothing has happened to Roberts or Alito, we can safely rule this out.

They even went so far as to imply the president killed his own grandmother. These people have no shame.

Of course none of this matters to the conspiracy theorists. They cannot accept that a black man is president, so they come up with ever more elaborate ideas to try and legitimize the disbelief. “Oh, he’s only president because….” They are falling ever deeper in to insanity, and one must ask, how much further can they go before even their own twisted logic collapses in upon itself?

Nathaniel Downes is the son of a former state representative of New Hampshire, now living in Seattle Washington.

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