Gun Nut Larry Pratt Lies About Cause Of The Revolutionary War…To the BRITISH (Video/Audio)

Author: February 17, 2013 8:01 pm

When history does not support your argument, make up your own! That is what Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America has done in his latest interview with the UK’s Channel 4 News. As you can watch here, Mr. Pratt invents from whole cloth a brand new cause of the Revolutionary War, and tells it to the British:

In his attempt to paint the president as King George III, Mr. Pratt invented a whole new Revolutionary War, one which never existed. In Mr. Pratt’s mind, the war was against a tyrant, a brutal dictator, who attempted to enslave the colonies and impose harsh taxes upon the them. In the real world, the fight was not against harsh taxes, or against a tyrant, but about representation. The colonies had no say in Parliament, yet had taxes, very light taxes mind you, imposed on them. Also Parliament imposed trade restriction upon the colonies, telling them who they were, and were not, allowed to trade with. All of these impositions without a single voice in the halls of government.

The battle cry was “No Taxation Without Representation,” not “No Taxes.” (Something teabaggers can’t seem to remember – Editor)

Mr. Pratt also went on to claim other things not based in reality. He claimed that the 2nd Amendment was imposed to allow an armed mob to overthrow the government. History tells him this is not so and that the 2nd Amendment was actually introduced to preserve slavery and later became validation for the National Guard. According to Pratt’s argument, the Whiskey Rebellion should have been allowed to continue, but instead George Washington stamped it out. Violently. So much for right-wing Constitutional scholarship and knowledge of American history.

In an audio interview with VCY America, Pratt  continued this vein, as you can hear for yourself here:

As nobody has even advocated once to go door-to-door confiscating guns, Mr. Pratt is sounding more and more out of touch with reality. The only person who has crossed the line is Mr. Pratt, in his call for armed revolt against the democratically elected government of the United States. But this is nothing new, as Mr. Pratt has said this before. He continues to claim fantasy as fact, and is so far in right-wing la-la land that he considers Justice Scalia too liberal.

The only person who is attempting to be a tyrant here is you, Larry Pratt. Your continuing attempt to force an overthrow of the elected government is demonstrating that you are not only anti-american, but a traitor. No self-respecting citizen of the United States will listen to your prattle. It is time you woke up, and abandoned this fantasy land you’ve invented for yourself.

Nathaniel Downes is the son of a former state representative of New Hampshire, now living in Seattle Washington.

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  • Sorry, I know that is a little bit off subject.

  • With all their talk about the 2nd Amendment, these TP fake historians should be very glad that they also have the 1st Amendment to protect their crazy speech. In many countries today, they would have been dealt with exceedingly harsh retribution for sedition. At the same time, they should also remember that the 1st Amendment declares a wall between church and state (as Jefferson made clear in later letters to religious leaders of the time). But the TP folks like to pick and choose their amendments.

  • In the Parliament some members stated that the colonials properly owned nothing but were sent to America to work English land. We were described as servants. Only MPs Wilkes and Barre spoke against that. The Americans were described as cowards by many officers from the French and Indian War. For instance there were 2 units called the American Rifles who had to be issued the first camouflage uniforms in history because they were afraid to stand up in intimidating red uniforms and stand and fight as friends fell screaming around them. Major Barre was one of the few British officers who got to know the Americans and said we would fight.

    In effect the plan was to reduce us to serfdom. We could see that any MP standing for election could tell his voters he’d raise taxes on the Americans rather than tax them. That was the matter of the representation.

    The hope of the Loyalists was that George III who by patronage had made himself the political boss of England would settle it. One of his perceptors (aristocratic tutors and advisors) of the King was the upper class twit the Marquis of Roxbury. “Still writing, Mr. Gibbons? Scribble, scribble?” was one of his utterances. When he said the same thing about Americans being servants who owned nothing it was taken as an official leak from the palace.

    The Patriots thought that we had no choice. The Loyalists thought the Patriots were paranoid (not that the word existed yet). In a book on the Loyalists I found a letter from one who having fought the good fight was to leave for Canada. For his service he was told he could be a share cropper on an estate. He called that “slavery”. He had found out too late that he was on the wrong side.

  • If all tea baggers woke up from their fantasy land(s), they’d have nothing to keep them going.

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