NYC Mayor Bloomberg Knocks Pro-Gun Democrat Out Of Illinois Race (VIDEO)


The NRA has a new name to add to their now hidden enemies list: New York City Mayor and Billionaire Michael Bloomberg.

Long an outspoken critic of lax gun laws and the ease with which anyone can buy a gun at a gun show, Mayor Bloomberg has put his money where his mouth is by directly challenging the NRA. The Chicago Sun-Times reports:

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is the major player in the Illinois Democratic primary to replace former Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.–facing federal corruption charges– with his anti-gun PAC pumping in $1.4 million so far in the contest to insure the defeat of Debbi Halvorson–with spending likely to exceed $2 million.

Bloomberg’s Independence PAC USA ramped up spending in the past week with more to come, spokesman Stefan Friedman told me Saturday.

Bloomberg’s PAC, Independence USA, fairly saturated the airwaves in Chicago with the following ad targeting Republican front-runner, Debbi Halvorson:

Chicago has been plagued with gun violence for years and Jackson Jr.’s former seat represents the south side of Chicago, one of the most violent areas. Unsurprisingly, gun control is a major issue to the electorate. With this reality in mind, a Democratic candidate, Toi Hutchinson attempted to capitalize on the damage Bloomberg inflicted on Halvorson by claiming she had reversed her opinion of the NRA and the multiple “A” ratings they’ve given her over the years. While the NRA’s recent (and revolting) antics have given pause to many who previously supported them, Hutchinson’s sudden conversion left Bloomberg’s PAC unconvinced.

Starting on Friday, the following ad attacking both Hutchinson and Halvorson was released:

Earlier on Sunday, Hutchinson released a statement ending her bid for Congress and instead putting her support behind Kelly.

If Halvorson loses the race, it will be taken (in large part) as a direct repudiation of her pro-gun stance. The support of the NRA, already becoming toxic, will have taken a significant step to becoming an intolerable burden outside of deep red districts. This is how monied interests working against the public good can be driven back: make them a liability and politicians will drop them like a hot potato. No politicians in their pocket equals no influence.

Maybe Wayne LaPierre can get a job as a creepy clown at the circus?

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