Alaska GOP Apologizes For Laughing At The Idea Of Same-Sex Unions (VIDEO)


Last Friday, GOP representatives of the Alaska legislature held a press conference. At one point during the presser, Mark Miller of the Juneau Empire asked about a recent Public Policy Poll which revealed that only a small minority of Alaskans opposed same-sex relationship recognition of any kind. Meaning, of course, that 70% of Alaskans do support the idea of same-sex unions. Miller continued, asking if the GOP caucus would support the idea of same-sex unions. His answer came in the form of laughter from the entire caucus. One member was so amused that he threw his head back and brayed like an ass (my apologies to the equine ones). Rep. Lance Pruitt took the time to answer the question. Sort of.

“As you’ll notice, most of the discussion we had in here was related to um… they all intertie. Whether it’s economics… economics and its impacts on communities, whether it’s roads to resources, which is a lot of… I think what what’s is important about this caucus is that we focus on the things that really allow people’s uh.. allow people to have a great life. We’re not talking… we didn’t have a discussion here about what happens inside your home. We had a discussion here about whether you can live… uh… whether you can make money,  you can… whether there’s a great economy, and whether or not you’re going to be… have the opportunity to live in Alaska with a great future. Now, your discussion on that? We didn’t talk about that, and uh… I’ll be straight. We did not talk about that particular issue, and that was not something that we said, “We’re going to make that one of our guiding principles!” It wasn’t something that came up in our discussion.” (SOURCE)

Watch for yourself:

Is there something in the air or water in Alaska that affects GOP members, causing them to emit word salad? Pruitt sounded very Palin-ish, there, didn’t he? Maybe living in the cold does something to their brains. But, read that again (I know – it hurts) and see if you can pick out the really insulting bit. Got it? “… we focus on the things that really allow people’s uh.. allow people to have a great life.” Apparently being gay precludes one from being able to have a great life in Alaska. But it was cute that he was truthful about being straight, don’t you think?

Fast forward to this morning. It seems that the GOP caucus was taken to task over the weekend about their reaction to the question and went into damage control mode. A statement was released by Rep. Pruitt (the straight one) and House Speaker Mike Chenault. Pruitt’s part read:

“I would like to make two things clear: laughter was not an appropriate response under any circumstances, and we regret and apologize for the reaction to that question. It was a serious question; it is a serious issue – and it is not something the Caucus has taken a position on.”

But Speaker Chenault had to make it clear that, while inappropriate, the laughter was deserved because “… the laughter was in reaction to which legislator had to field the difficult question.” So that’s it! They were just laughing at poor Pruitt who had to be straight about something they all actually find silly. It’s our fault if we misconstrued that.

One of these days, maybe, Republicans will learn how to issue a sincere apology rather than their usual, “Sorry, but it wasn’t really my fault because (add convenient, if unbelievable excuse).” I’m not holding my breath.

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