Richard – Rape Babies Are A Gift From God – Mourdock Hints At Return To Politics (VIDEOS)


Sometimes we run across a politician who screws up so badly we all just know that they’re going to disappear forever after losing the election. There are simply some things that a politician can do that make everyone – including himself – understand that there is no way he will ever be an elected official. We thought Richard Mourdock would be one of those politicians. No such luck.

Mourdock, Indiana’s state treasurer and a Vanderburgh County resident, received national attention during the 2012 election season when he committed political suicide at an October 23rd debate:

“I’ve struggled with it myself for a long time, but I came to realize that life is that gift from God. And even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that God intended to happen,” he said.

Watch the video:

Drawing the ire of Democrats and Republicans alike, Mourdock lost his bid for Senator Richard Lugar’s seat to Democrat Joe Donelly. Before his asinine and alarmingly out-of-touch comment, Mourdock was on track to sweep the election. His loss allowed Democrats to build a 55-45 seat advantage in the Senate, and his ignorance, along with several other 2012 election fails by GOP candidates, did significant damage to the Republican Party image as a whole.

Mourdock attempted to clarify his remarks shortly after making them, but the more he tried to explain, the deeper he buried himself. He flat-out refused to apologize.

See video:

Losing the election took a toll on Mourdock, to be sure.

“I’ll be honest: This one was very difficult to lose,” said Mourdock, in Evansville on Friday for the Vanderburgh County GOP Lincoln Day dinner, his third of the week.

He said that he has recovered mentally and physically from his loss to Donnelly and will consider another run for political office. He didn’t specify which office he might run for, but he’s definitely ready to move forward with his political career.

To no one’s surprise, other Republicans at Friday’s event cast Mourdock as a “good man” who paid an extraordinarily high price for being a total idiot a poor choice of words. Several of his cronies even suggested that Mr. Mourdock was only expressing what they themselves believe: that abortion is taking an innocent life even when that life was conceived under the worst circumstances. (Evansville Courier & Press)

Some were quick to enable Mourdock in his denial reassure the disgraced former GOP hopeful by pointing out that he did receive 46 percent of the vote, and of course, most of the blame lies with the “hostile news media” rather than Mourdock himself. As stated by Mourdock’s campaign manager, Ashlee Walls, in a December e-mail to supporters, Mourdock got “caught in the liberal media cross hairs.”

Yes, indeed. Dumb statements about a pregnancy resulting from rape being a “gift from God” certainly do grab our attention, don’t they?

Wayne Parke, Vanderburgh County GOP Chairman, expressed profound (and unbelievable) sympathy for the fallen wannabe politician.

“It’s a heartbreaking thing. A five-second thing,” Parke said. “A five-second comment changed history. There is no doubt in my mind [Mourdock] would have been our senator.”

Former Evansville mayor Russ Lloyd Jr. said that Mourdock has “a very good political mind.”

“It’s sad the way that [Senate] race turned out, because I think without the gaffe it was a winnable race on his part,” Lloyd said. “You know a guy for 30 years and because of kind of the national media and self-inflicted wounds, he became a caricature of himself, which is kind of sad.”

Lou Walters, GOP activist and long-time friend of Mourdock, said:

“Everybody makes faux passes. I think he was somewhat baited, and I think he just got kind of caught up and didn’t answer it the way I would have.”

Faux pas…

Another GOP activist, Sarah Topper, described Mourdock as “one of the most respectable statesman I’ve ever known” and that in regards to the “gift from God” comment, she said, “Democrats absolutely distorted it.”

No, I don’t think so. I think Mr. Mourdock’s stupidity was a gift from God to Democrats. In 2012, a whole bevy of GOP clowns came frighteningly close to being elected and undoing many decades of hard work for women’s rights. Consider the numbers: this doofus carried 46% of the vote AFTER he made his remarks. He would have most assuredly won had we not gotten our “gift from God” in the form of Mourdock carelessly revealing his private thoughts about rape.

Mourdock quickly reassured the Courier & Press that he’s up for the strain of an election.

“Physically it’s an exhausting process. But we’re back in the saddle now and getting on a regular diet, regular exercise program, and I feel 61 instead of 81,” he said with a laugh. “There for awhile it was closer to 80, but we’re back to our early 60s.”

Mourdock declared that he will not shrink from fear, and will not go gentle into that good night.

“I made my statement that night and clarified as many times as I possibly can. I believe God is the author of life and certainly I want life respected,” he said. “I’m going to find a way to have my voice heard.”

Ha. Please continue to do that, Mr. Mourdock. Keep right on talking. We’re listening.

Watch video of President Obama’s beautiful response to Mourdock’s rape comment.



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