The David Pakman Show – Fox News: Obama Pre-School Plan for Buying Voters (VIDEO)

David Pakman fox

After he jokingly made a comment (which he shows on video) that President Obama’s SOTU “preschool for all” was a ploy to get kids to vote for him because once they’re educated, they couldn’t possibly believe in GOP stalwarts like Sean Hannity, Sarah Palin, etc., David is astonished to discover that Fox News – not much later – says basically the same thing: that President Obama’s proposal for high quality preschool for all is a way to secure future votes — even though Obama won’t be running again. Only they’re serious!

From there the discussion goes to how the Republican party seems adverse to education of any kind, with people like Rick Santorum (also shown on video) discussing the “indoctrination” of students who go to college.

See the discussion:

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