Watch Out, McConnell – Possible Tea Party Challenger Tests The Waters

Matt Bevin…potential challenger; photo: Dan Haar @Hartfort Courant

Matt Bevin…potential challenger; photo: Dan Haar @Hartfort Courant

Not only might Mitch McConnell see a challenge from the left – maybe in the form of Ashley Judd? – but it’s looking like he may face a primary challenge first. A Kentucky businessman has been talking to Tea Party groups in that state about a primary run against the Senate minority leader.

The Hill reports that Matt Bevin, owner of Bevin Manufacturing, contacted the president of the Louisville Tea Party several times over the past few weeks to discuss the race. He has also been in contact with people who have supported McConnell previously.

Sarah Duran, president of the Louisville Tea Party said:

“We met with him to just discuss our feelings about the Senator, our feelings about someone running against him, what the challenges would be, the risks involved.”

Bevin is a rich man and his personal wealth may be a distinct advantage if he chooses to face off against McConnell in the Republican primary race. The current Senator and part-time turtle is busily raising money for his war chest, claiming to have about $7 million for his campaign so far.

Kentuckians on both sides of the fence seem to think that Mitchie is ripe for defeat in 2014. Democratic polls reveal that McConnell is the most disliked Senator in the country while Republican polling shows that Ashley Judd, who hasn’t even said if she’ll consider a Senate run, is only 9 points behind the incumbent.

Bevin isn’t the only challenger McConnell may face from the far right. Even a Democratic group is mulling over supporting a Tea Party candidate just to take McConnell down. Shawn Reilly, executive director of Progress Kentucky, a Democratic group, admitted to being intrigued by Bevin’s interest, saying they might be “… willing to support a (Tea Party) candidate.” Though, in my opinion, that is a dangerous game to play.

Duran, meanwhile, is enthused about Bevin as a candidate, though she says their group is not prepared to endorse anyone at this time.

“I think he would be a very formidable candidate. I think that he would have a chance of possibly beating McConnell in the primary. He knows that we like him and we think he’s great.”  (Source)

While I’m all over the idea of getting Mitchie out of his cushy position in the Senate, I am leery of doing it with a Tea Party candidate. One has only to look at the havoc they’ve created in the House to know how bad it could be if it were boosted by another TP-er in the Senate. Yikes.

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