Kansas Republicans Want To Force Teachers To Refute The Science Of Climate Change



Sometimes I wonder if Republicans pay attention to the weather. You would think that after the years of unusually severe tornado seasons and hurricane seasons along with the major drought suffered in the Midwest this past summer that Republicans would finally abandon their determination to deny climate change. But Republicans still refuse to believe that climate change exists and refuse to do anything geared toward stopping it.

Glaciers are melting at faster rates than ever before. Temperatures are increasing at a speedier pace than scientists had previously predicted. It’s so hot in Australia that two new colors were added to illustrate the skyrocketing temperatures. The science of climate change is irrefutable, unless of course you’re a Republican. And if you are a Republican, it’s likely you want to force your view on others. To that end, Republicans in Kansas are pushing a bill that would force teachers to refute accepted climate change science.

According to The Topeka Capital Journal:

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House Bill 2306, introduced last week, says science classes must “provide information to students of scientific evidence which both supports and counters a scientific theory or hypothesis.” The bill says instruction about “scientific controversies” should be objective and include “both the strengths and weaknesses of such scientific theory or hypothesis.” The only controversy identified in the bill is “climate science.”

It’s sad, really. The planet is in a serious climate crisis and Republicans are too busy trying to turn kids into climate change deniers rather than lift a finger to reverse a disaster that has the potential to cause mass extinctions and change the Earth as we know it. What countering views to climate change science would Republicans want taught in science class? There’s the conspiracy theory that the EPA is manufacturing a crisis to pave the way for a government takeover. Is that what Republicans want kids to be taught? Or how about the classic conservative claim that God is doing it? Republicans are already trying to force science teachers to teach religious doctrine as a counter to evolution, why not climate change as well? If this bill passes, all Kansans should be concerned that their kids are being taught to refute facts no matter how much evidence supports those facts. And we wonder why science scores are so bad.

Worse yet, according to ThinkProgress, this bill is one of the model bills drafted by the American Legislative Exchange Council, a conservative group that runs a pay-for-play operation that joins corporate leaders with politicians to write business friendly legislation to introduce in states across the country. The Kansas bill has already been introduced in Texas, Louisiana, and Tennessee and will more than likely show up in other states as well. This bill could likely be the product of a collaboration between oil and coal interests and conservative lawmakers. If any businesses have a motive to misinform students about climate change it’s the businesses that pollute the most. After all, one of the solutions to reverse climate change is to cut back on oil and coal and switch to more efficient energy sources such as solar and wind.

The fact is, climate change is real. 97% of the scientific community agrees that climate change is real and that it is being caused by humans. Even a Koch brothers funded study confirms that climate change is real. Kansas Republicans, however, are still in denial and now they want school kids to be in denial as well.