One Of CNN’s Only True Journalists – Soledad O’Brien – Might Be Leaving

Soledad O'Brien

One can only hope the rumor and insinuation that Soledad O’Brien is likely out at CNN will not come to fruition. There are few journalists left at these networks who are willing to jeopardize their careers by providing factual, stinging, and probative interviews.

CNN has always been known for hard news. While people will migrate to their ideological comfort zone during times of marginally important news, whenever world events are active, CNN has been the place to go.

Many have been completely disillusioned with the new direction CNN has been taking over the last few years. They have been moving ever more rightward, seemingly to provide “balanced news,” not realizing that news should never be balanced but, instead, truthful and factual. This, at times, will mean a side that is attempting to pass provable misinformation as news is ignored, removed from coverage to prevent a false plausibility of their argument. CNN seem to hope that becoming Fox News-lite will bring some of that audience, even as they damage their brand.

Sadly, their coverage of soft news (e.g., their 24/7 over-the-top coverage of the disabled Triumph cruise liner) blew all the other networks out of the ratings water in the demographics that matter. This does not bode well for the real journalism that characterizes Soledad O’Brien’s work.

Soledad O’Brien is a hardcore journalist. She tackled very difficult racial issues both from an intra- and inter-race perspective in her series “Black In America” and “Latino In America.” Her very probing interview of John Sununu, her interview of gun advocate John Lott, and her ‘no spin allowing’ interview of Rudy Giuliani gave many hope that CNN was returning to hard news instead of a false balance.

If Soledad O’Brien leaves CNN, she will take many viewers with her wherever she lands. CNN better be very careful. Just as Fox News is no longer considered a news network by most Americans, CNN runs the risk of the same. Unfortunately for CNN, their base is not comprised of those whose minds are easily manipulated or fact challenged.

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