Bill O’Reilly’s On A ‘Killing’ Spree: First Lincoln, Then Kennedy, Now He’s ‘Killing Jesus’ (VIDEO)

Bill O’Reilly, author; @Publishers Weekly

Bill O’Reilly, author; @Publishers Weekly

O’Reilly’s on a roll, killin’ ’em right and left.

First there was Killing Lincoln, The Shocking Assassination That Changed America Forever (written with Martin Dugard). Next up was Killing Kennedy, The End of Camelot (also with Martin Dugard). From there?

Think: what other murdered male icon can top those two? That’s right, none other than Jesus Christ Superstar Himself. Yep. Killing Jesus is next. The Hollywood Reporter breaks the blessed news:

The book will be published Sept. 24 by Henry Holt and Co. Martin Dugard, O’Reilly’s co-author on the Kennedy and Lincoln books, also will serve as co-author on this project.

In Killing Jesus, O’Reilly “will recount the seismic political and historical events” that made the death of the “beloved and controversial young revolutionary” known as Jesus of Nazareth inevitable.

“Jesus Christ has not walked among us physically for more than 2,000 years, yet his presence today is felt the world over and his spirit is worshipped by more than 2.2 billion people,” O’Reilly said in a statement released by Holt. “His teachings, his legacy, his life as a flesh-and-blood man and his death created the world in which we live.”

Fans of Bill’s historically felonious fixations will, no doubt, rejoice and sing praise about this third of the trilogy (or could there be more… say, Killing Civility, How Fox News And Rabid Conservatism Destroyed American Culture?). Those who are more concerned with his sometimes challenged relationship with the truth may be less enamored of the idea of him taking on God Almighty. Rae Emerson, for example, the deputy superintendent of the Ford’s Theatre National Historic Site. She found so many egregious and repetitive “factual errors” in Killing Lincoln that she refused to allow the book to be sold in the bookstore located in the museum at the site (though, apparently, the gift shop in the theater lobby has lower standards: you can find the book there). From Wikipedia:

In response to Emerson’s review, O’Reilly said that the mistakes, which he numbered less than her findings at just “four minor misstatements” and “two typeset errors” and had been corrected in subsequent printings. O’Reilly called the controversy “a concerted effort by people who don’t like me to diminish the book” and that Killing Lincoln was “honest” and all students should read it.

The National Geographic Channel’s response to the controversy was a big, fat “whatever.” They recently completed production on a TV film based on the book starring Billy Campbell as Lincoln, hosted and narrated by Tom Hanks. It premiered the weekend of February 17th, pulling in a record 3.4 million viewers, “leaping 175 percent from the typical average in the time period.” [The Hollywood Reporter]

So much for truth in reporting. But, then again, it is Bill O’Reilly, he does work for Fox News, and a good many of those 3.4 million viewers were likely Fox News fans… they don’t need no stinkin’ truth!

With that success under his belt, no doubt swelling the swagger of our fact-fussing author, next in line is National Geographic’s production of O’Reilly second “killing” tome: Killing Kennedy (I’m still not getting the connection between an organization whose tagline is “inspiring people to care about the planet” and a conservative pundit’s ‘history’ lessons). While all this filmic activity is going on, Bill will be tapping away at the characters of Calvary. I have no doubt, given his always heated defense of all things Christian, that Bill will put a righteous spin on this most-spun of historical and religious figures. But this time, he better be damn sure he gets the facts straight. He’ll have a much higher authority than old Rae over at the Ford Theater to answer to this next go-around.

See video trailer of Killing Lincoln:



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