Chief Justice Roberts Prepares To Repeal Democracy

The coordinated attack on the United States is well underway. From gerrymandering to out-and-out election theft, the neo-conservative movement has decided that winning must come whatever the cost. They don’t care about the United States, about democracy, or the people within it. Some of them would be happy to see the return of slavery, through economic oppression. They even cite hatred as a virtue while they attempt to arm themselves for an overthrow of the government. They are radical fanatics – and four of them currently sit on the Supreme Court of the United States, one as Chief Justice.

On Tuesday, the Roberts court agreed to hear the case of McCutcheon vs the Federal Election Commission. As already ruled on in lower courts, and by the Supreme Court previously, it is legal to restrict the amount of money an individual donor can give in an election cycle. By even accepting the case, it implies that the court is strongly weighing overturning the ruling, which would in turn eliminate virtually all election monetary restrictions. The GOP of course is holding this up as “freedom of speech” when in fact it is the freedom to suppress speech. In addition, the laws at stake here restrict foreign donors as well, so in effect the GOP, by fighting for this, are attempting to enable foreign entities, such as the Chinese government, to influence our elections.

This is after they already agreed to hear a case attempting to strip away the rights of minorities to vote. So, if you are anybody but a well to do rich white man, the states are seeking the right to strip away your right to citizenship. They already attempt this, using tactics such as voter suppression, eliminating poll access, and even creating laws targeting minorities with the express purpose of eliminating their right to vote.

But even as the GOP pushes for this, the party itself is fracturing apart at the seams. The Republican Civil War is on, and is only building up steam. The Party leadership has already resigned itself to breakup. Which means, should Chief Justice Roberts and the other neocons on the court get their way, they will be adding fuel to the fire, as opposing forces grab ahold of the new, unrestricted finance rules, as well as start enacting voting restrictions designed to strengthen themselves while oppressing all others.

The neo-conservative movement ignored those well-worn words of history, “Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it.” If they successfully overturn these voting restrictions, they will be setting the stage for their own collapse. If Chief Justice Roberts has any love, for country or even his own party, he has to stop this madness.


Nathaniel Downes is the son of a former state representative of New Hampshire, now living in Seattle Washington.

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