Rachel Maddow Takes On Karl Rove, Koch Brothers, FreedomWorks And More (VIDEO)

Rachel opines

Real reporting is hard to come by. Most featured personalities at different networks tend to be timid in their analysis of those who are perceived to be aligned with the ideology of the particular network.

Inasmuch as Rachel Maddow is a staunch liberal, she does not cower when liberals, including the President, are failing at the job or being less than straight with American citizens. She showed herself an equal opportunity offender a few weeks ago with her exposé on President Obama’s secretive use of drones.

Her most recent exposé was on the unraveling of the Republican party. What made it telling was the manner in which she built the case with widely available public data chronologically stitched together. All of which makes Charles Krauthammer’s statement, that the President is attempting to destroy the Republican Party, moot, as the different factions within the Republican Party are doing a good job at it themselves.

Rachel’s dissection of the events was masterful. She starts with the Tea Party FreedomWorks group and their promotional video using a sex act to denounce Progressives as panderers. She then describes Dick Armey’s fractious departure from that group. She goes into the Koch brothers not having their twice-yearly money grab from the rich to purchase elections and the elected. She shows how Newt Gingrich is using the GOP civil war for personal financial gain. She details the fight between the Karl Rove wing of the GOP with the Tea Party wing (Karl Rove Photoshopped as Hitler in one of their mailings).

The video segment is telling:

To many, watching Republicans tear themselves apart is entertaining. After all, their unholy alliance of factions which should not naturally be allied was used to dismantle the middle class over the last thirty years.

Why are evangelicals, the folks who believe that the real ‘socialist,’ Jesus, represented being one’s brother’s keeper, being one who takes care of the poor; why are they aligning with those who believe in laissez-faire capitalism that puts money over morals and humanity? Why would those in the Tea Party with a libertarian slant align themselves with crony and welfare capitalism, privatized profits and socialized losses? It is amazing that this civil war took as long as it did to occur. Or, maybe, not really. The citizenry are the misled purists. The leaders just see the money.

It is in America’s best interest that this civil war is resolved sooner than later. The country’s agenda is being partially paralyzed by a rudderless opposition party.

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