The David Pakman Show – University’s Advice To Women Being Raped: Vomit Or Urinate (VIDEO)

Pakman_rape advise

The University of Colorado in Colorado Springs’ has some new advice for women being raped: vomit or urinate.

These are the defenses suggested… as well as the option of saying one is “menstruating.”

David’s theory about this? There’s some interesting timing going on here: Shortly after the Colorado House of Representatives passed a package of gun control laws (34-31), one of which made it illegal to carry guns on the campuses of public universities, the update at the University was made. This can’t help but lead to speculation that the University, in the very conservative city of Colorado Springs, is essentially “protesting” the passage of these gun laws with the implicit, and absurd, suggestion that since, well, you can’t have guns on campus, girls, maybe vomiting will do the trick!

Watch the conversation:

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