Pat Robertson On Climate Change: Ph.D’s ‘Nutty’ To Think Climate Change Causes Bigger Storms (VIDEO)

pat robertson

When I want the latest on reason- and evidence-based climate change theory, The 700 Club isn’t usually what I turn on. As it turns out, there’s a reason for that. On a recent segment of the show, host Pat Robertson proclaimed that a study by Princeton indicating that, while overall snowfall levels will drop, the size of winter storms like blizzards will increase, was “nutty.”

Here’s the video, courtesy of The 700 Club via Right Wing Watch:

I like the way the narrator starts out with, “global warming advocates.” I didn’t know there were advocacy groups for making the planet warmer.

The logic presented is pretty simple to understand. Warmer air, caused by higher average temperatures globally, will be able to hold more water than air at current average temperatures. Because it will be able to hold more water, there will be more water to precipitate and fall out of the sky. Because it will still sometimes be cold enough to snow (but not as often, making overall snowfall shrink), it will still sometimes snow… and there will be more snow than usual, because of the higher levels of water in the air.

Like I said, simple to understand. Unless, of course, you’re  Pat Robertson. Then you say:

Only in Princeton would people say nutty things like that. You know, they get to be Ph.D.s and they wonder where they studied and learned all these things.

But I’ll tell you if you’re a true believer, if you’re a true believer, bad things will happen because you see them coming.

Is it just me, or does Pat Robertson seem even more senile then usual? First of all, he starts off by deriding a school that is widely regarded as excellent. Of course, Pat Robertson’s fanbase has no need for education; it’s a liberal conspiracy, after all. Second, who is the “they” in his second statement? It seems to change about halfway through.

The last sentence, though, is a masterpiece. “Bad things will happen because you see them coming.” He really educated me on that one. You see, I was under the impression that bad things happened because of gays and abortions.


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