Ted Nugent Calls Obama Racist And Is Going On ‘Black Power Tour’

Ted-Nugent-98407504017Oh Ted, you just don’t know when to STFU, do you? The answer to that is “no” and to prove it, the Nuge had quite a bit to say in his February 20th column for WND. And, boy, this one is a doozy!

In a column entitled, “I Honor Blacks – The Dems Destroy Them” (please be aware that my website safety software rates this link as dangerous) Ted knows exactly who and what is to blame for the destruction of black America. It’s Democrats and the economic and social policies they champion – they’ve been tearing blacks down for 50 years, according to Teddy. Not only does his racism show in this diatribe but his ignorance of history is pretty glaring as well. The stats he cites are the only true thing in this: that the unemployment rate is twice that of white Americans and that the high school dropout rate among black males is above 50 percent. Yes, that is true but it’s not the Dems’ policies that did that. Without the civil rights and related laws, one shudders to think exactly where black America would be today.

He goes on to say that everyone but blacks knows that “the Democrat (sic) party has been the engineer of” their destruction which will continue until black Americans realize who their true enemy is – those “dirty Democrat (sic) politicians.”

Then he changes his tone a bit, lionizing the black musicians who he says “literally launched” his career, mentioning Bo Diddly, James Brown, BB King and, “the epitome of Rock ‘n’ Roll Gods,” Chuck Berry. I’m assuming that he thinks because these musicians gave birth to Rock ‘n ‘Roll they would welcome his condescending crap about how they were all used and abused by those horrible Democrats. Because nobody knows the blues like a white asshat who dodged the draft by shitting himself. He says that his dreams came true due to black musicians but that doesn’t stop him from assuming that his view of their history is valid. Somehow I don’t think that Bo and James and Chuck would ever rely on Ted’s vision of what is best for them.

The entire column is full of condescending bull but the last paragraph is truly mind-boggling. Take this in and just try to keep your jaw from dropping:

“There is no doubt that my 2013 tour will be the best of my life. With world-class virtuosos paying tribute to our black heroes nightly, it is only fitting that this year’s tour is aptly titled, “Ted Nugent Black Power 2013.” Say it loud: my music is black and I’m proud.”

This, from the guy who said he would wear the Confederate battle flag forever. The guy who has incessantly attacked President Obama’s “racist agenda.” The jerk who said that gun owners will be the next Rosa Parks. The man who may be in need of lithium. And who has threatened the President. This is the man who wants to school black America on how they have been held down by Nugent’s political foes. Because the fact that he hates Democrats and liberals never comes into the equation, goodness no. Part of me wishes he would just go away forever but another part of me enjoys mocking the train wreck that is Ted Nugent. As long as I don’t have to listen to his “music.” Ugh.

Photobucket      T. Steelman is a life-long Liberal. She has been writing online about politics since 2007. She lives in Western Washington with her husband, daughter, 2 cats and a small herd of alpacas. How can anybody be enlightened? Truth is, after all, so poorly lit…