The WWE Invents Tea Party Like Villain – Glenn Beck Is Outraged (VIDEO)


The former Fox News pundit Glenn Beck decided to go after the famed wrestling organization known as the WWE on his radio show this past Wednesday (Feb. 20, 2013). Apparently, Beck does not like the portrayal of one of the WWE’s newly, reinvented characters. So after Beck slammed the WWE calling them “stupid wrestling people” over this character, the WWE in true wrestling fashion struck back at Beck by challenging him to appear live this upcoming Monday in Dallas, Texas on their program called Raw!

And as expected, Beck responded to the challenge by saying: “Unfortunately I am currently booked doing anything else,” which is a very interesting and a very telling comment.

In other words, what Beck is really saying here is that wrestling is beneath his integrity threshold—that’s why he will be busy doing “anything else.” But the question remains, if wrestling is too far beneath Beck’s standards, then why is he commenting on it?

Why is he angered over this Tea Party inspired, villainous character called “Jack Swagger” and his bigoted character manager “Zeb Colter?” Why is the WWE serious enough for him to criticize but not serious enough for him to engage in a live dialogue?

Isn’t it noteworthy that as soon as the “stupid wrestling people” from the WWE challenged Beck to an interactive meeting he tries to ride off on his “I’m too serious for such buffoonery” horse? But remember, it was Beck who wielded a chainsaw and stroked a white bunny threatening to cut the bunny in half on his former show on Fox, and he thinks wrestling is stupid!

First of all, this is nothing new for wrestling. Controversial characters based on the current, political circumstances of the day have been a part of wrestling’s storyline fabric for years.

For example, after the Iran hostage crisis, the WWE unveiled a wrestling character from Iran known as the “Iron Sheik.” During the Cold War era, it unveiled Russian, wrestling characters like “Ivan Koloff” and “Nikolai Volkoff.”

So this latest storyline involving the WWE’s Heavyweight Champion—a Mexican character named Alberto Del Rio vs. the all-American, White guy character “Jack Swagger” is just par for the course of today’s current, political atmosphere, which is what the “stupid wrestling people” do extremely well.

It looks like they have been practicing immigration reform for years and making it work successfully on top of it. So take notes conservatives!

Now Beck can refer to the WWE and wrestling as a whole as “stupid wrestling people,” but the overwhelming success of wrestling could certainly teach him and his Republican cohorts a few things about successful messaging and the augmentation of one’s base/audience.

Because unlike the GOP’s recent campaign for the White House, wrestling has mastered the trade of acquiring the mass appeal needed to consistently make it a top entity on television, while GOP dinosaurs continue to wander aimlessly in search of other dinosaurs in a new world where different species are consistently appearing on the scene and vying for power!

Maybe Beck should reconsider who deserves to be labeled as stupid, because if Republicans like the WWE’s Linda McMahon would run their campaign messaging like wrestling does, she might be a Senator from Connecticut by now, and Mitt Romney might be the president.

But here is the real question that should be asked, and it has nothing to do with whether or not Beck will change his mind and man-up to face-off against a machine that is as well oiled as the WWE. What people like me want to know is if there is any political relevance to “Jack Swagger’s” manager “Zeb Colter.”

Look at the name “Colter.” For some odd reason that name seems to ring a Tea Party, conservative bell. Is there an underlying theme going on here? Maybe the WWE is even more creative than poor Beck has yet to realize, because even though the WWE’s “Colter” is spelled differently than conservative pundit Ann Coulter, their rhetoric is almost identical.

So if Beck does change his mind and decides to go on live television to address the WWE, he should take Ann Coulter with him, because she might really have a legitimate bone to pick.

And furthermore, be sure and watch this video response to Glenn Beck by “Zeb Colter” and “Jack Swagger.” They certainly don’t sound like “stupid wrestling people,” and evidently Beck knows this, and that is probably why he knows better than to agree to an intellectual wrestling match with the marketing genius of the WWE.

Here it is: