Bobby Jindal: Republicans Don’t Need To Update Views On Equality

Bobby Jindal; courtesy of  SodaHead.comr

Bobby Jindal; courtesy of SodaHead.comr

Some Republicans as of late have been considering the notion that it’s time to catch up to the times and support marriage equality. Former Utah Governor John Huntsman, one of the 2012 GOP presidential candidates, is one of these. Unfortunately, there are those Republicans such as Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal (R-LA) that disagree. Jindal recently reiterated his support for so-called “traditional marriage,” denying that Republicans will have to move forward in order to get votes.

From Think Progress

“Look, I believe in the traditional definition of marriage,” Jindal said during an appearance on Meet The Press on Sunday, and went on to claim that Republicans don’t have to make the case on social issues to attract young voters and win future elections and instead should continue focusing on economic issues. “We lost [the 2012 election] because we didn’t present a vision showing how we believe the entire economy can grow, how people can join the middle class. We’re in aspirational party and we need policies that are consistent with that aspirational private sector growth.”

Aspirational means ambitious and craving of success, which is certainly accurate with the Republican Party. Their ability to attain that, or to set attainable goals, seems to be what is lacking. It’s also interesting that Jindal thinks they should continue to show prejudice against people with different sexual orientation and push the right-wing economic agenda.

It’s interesting because Republicans aren’t known for their economic abilities when it comes to policy making. Although they are the party of businessmen, it must be pointed out that businessmen, when put into office, aren’t going to create laws that make things better for customers and consumers. They’re going to make things better for the businesses that produce and sell these goods. In fact, the Republican idea that they’re better with the economy is relatively new; it’s a relatively well-known fact that history shows the Democratic Party to be better with the economy.

The reason the Republican Party lost the 2012 presidential election has nothing to do with the economy and everything to do with their divisive strategies. When minorities and women all vote blue by huge amounts, it’s unlikely that a political party that gets majority votes from white men only will see any measure of success.

If the Republican Party continues to fight this losing battle against the inexorable tide of acceptance and change, they will rapidly continue to see themselves sink into irrelevancy.

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