Pope Claims God Asked Him To Retire, Allegedly Cited Age And Strength

The Pope @  CatholicNewsUSA

The Pope @ CatholicNewsUSA

Apparently God was tired of the long-standing tradition within the Catholic church of institutionalized and protected child sex abuse, because he asked the Pope to step down. At least, that’s what the Pope claims, although he left out the child molestation bit. Catholic leaders never seem to want to talk about that. Pope Benedict XVI, also known by Joseph Ratzinger, claimed, instead, that God asked him to step down because of his overabundance of age and lack of strength. He also stated (the Pope, not God) that he will now be spending his time in prayer and meditation, promising not to “abandon” the church.

There have been many speculative remarks  about why the papal pinhead has chosen to step down, and they range from pending litigation due to the many cases of covered-up child molestation to blackmail and a secret gay lobby within the Catholic Church pushing for acceptance of homosexuals (that’d be awkward, considering Catholic support for “kill the gays” laws in Africa).

Raw Story reports the following on the Pope’s discussion with God:

“The Lord is calling me to climb the mountain, to dedicate myself even more to prayer and meditation. But this does not mean abandoning the Church,” the pope told the crowd from the window of his residence in the Apostolic Palace in the Vatican.

“If God is asking me to do this it is precisely so I can continue to serve with the same dedication and love as before but in a way that is more appropriate for my age and for my strength.”

The 85-year-old leader of the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics has said he will step down because he no longer has the strength of mind and body to carry on.

Many are loath to accept the reasons for resignation that have been offered, and there is good reason that is so. Ratzinger will be only the second pope to willingly resign in the entire history of the Catholic church, and the last one was hundreds of years ago. Seeing as how nearly all of the popes (as far as I can tell) are weak in mind and body toward the end, it seems unlikely that God would’ve singled ol’ Ratzinger out for some early retirement. I personally don’t see enough evidence for any of the speculative theories as of yet, but it’ll be interesting to see as things develop.

It must be pointed out that Joseph Ratzinger has stated he will live “hidden from the world” within the Vatican, likely continuing religious research and advising his replacement. That lends credence to theories that say he’ll be staying there for protection; also, as Raw Story reports,

The Panorama news weekly and the Repubblica daily said a report by a committee of cardinals into the leaks of confidential papal papers last year had uncovered allegations of intrigue, corruption and blackmail in the Vatican.

That evidence at least partially indicates the Pope is hoping to avoid trouble of some kind.

Catholic authorities have indicated they might move the voting process for a new pope up to early March because there isn’t a funeral to worry about. After the voting process begins, it may be quite some time before any papal candidate gets the requisite amount of votes.

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