AZ Gov. Brewer Suddenly Wants GOP Congressmen To Compromise On Taxes

s-JAN-BREWER-largeAll of a sudden, Arizona’s Governor Jan Brewer wants Republicans in Congress to compromise on taxes. She hasn’t wanted compromise for the sake of education, or health care, or immigration reform, but she went on “Face the Nation” on Sunday to object to the upcoming cuts from sequestration. She said:

“We don’t like increase in taxes. But we know we have to be pragmatic. We know there has to be some kind of compromise, but dang it, they need to get the job done. They don’t need to leave the public out there hanging.”

What could bring about this remarkable change on taxes in a politician who makes sure her positions are tailored to the Tea Party? The answer is found in an editorial on Tuesday, published in the local paper, The Arizona Republic. After listing a summary of concerns that President Obama laid out for the state–teacher layoffs, cuts to Head Start programs, less money for vaccinations of children–the editorial board wrote:

“Obama’s campaign shortchanges the likely impact of sequestration on states with substantial defense-related, high-technology business. States such as Arizona.

“The Greater Phoenix Economic Council has spent the past year analyzing Arizona’s aerospace and defense industry ($13 billion in fiscal 2012), as well as the likely consequence of sequestration, which will hit this industry disproportionately hard under the sunniest scenarios.

“Defense and related industries accounted for about 5.2 percent of Arizona’s gross domestic product in 2012, constituting the sixth-largest share of the aerospace/defense industry in the nation.”

Ah, yes. The aerospace/defense industry. The pieces fall into place. The kaleidoscope comes into focus. We don’t need to worry about educating, feeding, and protecting the health of the lowly population that might be needed to perform the actual labor within the industry. No. As the paper continues:

“We cannot afford a widespread brain drain of laid-off aerospace engineers leaving Arizona for jobs elsewhere.”

Of course the state can’t afford a brain drain! Arizona’s GOP is unwilling to educate a population that might fill those positions themselves. The paper goes on to praise Brewer for encouraging Congress and the President to “find a ‘pragmatic’ resolution to mitigate the severest cuts” and “get the job done”.

The citizens of Arizona would do well to propel to the forefront their own crises on education, health care and immigration, using Brewer’s words to confront her intransigence:

“There has to be some kind of compromise, Governor! Dang it! You need to get the job done!”

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