Republican Representative Stockman Asks Ted Nugent If Gun Victims Are ‘Useful Idiots’ (VIDEO)

Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 9.39.20 PMSince December 14th of last year, the day of the shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT, at least 2,282 people have died from a gun. Let that number sink in for a bit. In just over two months, we have had the equivalent of nearly 100 Sandy Hooks. Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX), sat down with his BFF, Ted – the washed out rocker who thinks guns are foreplay – Nugent. Stockman asked if he felt that the victims of gun victims of gun violence were “useful idiots” to the President.

Stockman: “Do you feel that the people that Obama have brought forward to hear his speech, do you feel like they are useful idiots or props in this?”

Nugent: “I’m sure it is a two-edged sword, cus our hearts go out to victims of crime, but it is never a result of lack of gun regulations.”

Then Nugent repeated the line that Chicago had the most restrictive gun regulations and one of the highest murder rates.

Nugent: “I really believe that the attack on the Second Amendment is underhanded. It’s deceitful and I just don’t believe it’s a genuine effort to save innocent victims from crime. I believe it’s a direct agenda to disarm the American civilian population. Those that squawk and whine that I’m overreacting are obviously not paying attention to the confiscations going on right now and being planned in New York and California and Illinois. It really is disingenuous and it is underhanded so we understand what the right to keep and bear arms means, and remain ever vigilant. I pray for the families the President is bringing in as props for his agenda, but I also feel equally sorry for them that they are letting emotions determine policy instead of evidence determining policy and gun bans and gun restrictions and ammunition restrictions will not save one life.”

Here’s the video:

Gun advocates have always exaggerated President Obama’s stance on guns, and it has remained largely unchanged. He has no desire to take guns from responsible gun owners. If there is anyone who is using the victims of gun violence as political props, it is the NRA.The gun organization, which once started as an advocacy group for gun safety, has become a marketing arm to gun and ammo manufacturers. Since the Sandy Hook shooting, sales have gone through the roof and as long as they can have spokesmen like Nugent out there telling people their guns are going to be confiscated, sales will continue to rise.

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Are guns being confiscated? Yeah, they are. They’re being taken from criminals and the mentally ill, people who even the NRA believes are the problem.

Now, back to the number of people who have died from guns since Sandy Hook, yes, there have been more automobile deaths (beat you too it). There are about 32,000 car related deaths each year. By that average, over the 73 days since the shooting, 6,400 people have probably died because of a passenger vehicle.

Before you gun lovers declare victory, realize that not only are cars and their drivers licensed, registered and insured, but Americans really, really love their cars. There are about 254 million cars on the road. The majority of those are driven for about an hour and a half a day. Just imagine what would happen if over 200 million guns were in operation for over an hour a day, every single day. Enough said.

As far as whether gun control works – not that we’re going to have real gun control – it does. It works in other countries. It works in this country. Chicago is not an island. It has a population of less than 3 million people surrounded by over 300 million people and around 200 million guns. In general though, as the graph below shows, the stronger the gun control, the lower the incidence of gun violence. When we had an assault weapons ban, it worked. Now we don’t and we have a lot more mass shootings420350_615961125084334_2030899218_n

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