The David Pakman Show – Disgrace: Pre-Existing Conditions Like Totaled Car Or Burned Down House (VIDEO)

Author: February 26, 2013 12:05 pm


David launches right into the discussion, stating his incredulity that Mike Huckabee’s attitudes about people are so cynical that he believes anyone with preexisting conditions shouldn’t be insured. Why?  Because it wouldn’t any more fair than if a company was expected to insure a house that has already burned down or a car that has been totaled.

David makes the point that this really shows how Mike Huckabee sees people: no differently than any other commodity or transaction; “people are no different to Mike Huckabee than any other widgets.” He runs a video of Huckabee speaking on Fox News, pointing how how delighted the panel is with his “analysis,” which, in fact, shows what little “moral compass” Huckabee actually has.

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  • Huckabee is a wealthy redneck who, despite his claims to be a Christian (and a minister), he only cares about money, power and politics.

  • For-profit health care is an oxymoron and the morons in the GOP first came up with the idea, which Obama finally included in the ACA just to get something passed. I really believe that his idea is that Americans will be so outraged by being forced to by insurance from the profit mongers that a single payer plan will eventually become more palatable to everyone except for the real neanderthal conservatives in Congress.

    As for Huckabee, I lived under his “rule” in Arkansas. During the time he was in office, he drove out ever pain doctor in the state that prescribed any narcotic pain meds. This is true, it happened, and my wife and I were victims of his Southern Baptist regime. Religious fundamentalists were thrilled by the Gov. The rest of us suffered.

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