The David Pakman Show – Disgrace: Pre-Existing Conditions Like Totaled Car Or Burned Down House (VIDEO)


David launches right into the discussion, stating his incredulity that Mike Huckabee’s attitudes about people are so cynical that he believes anyone with preexisting conditions shouldn’t be insured. Why?  Because it wouldn’t any more fair than if a company was expected to insure a house that has already burned down or a car that has been totaled.

David makes the point that this really shows how Mike Huckabee sees people: no differently than any other commodity or transaction; “people are no different to Mike Huckabee than any other widgets.” He runs a video of Huckabee speaking on Fox News, pointing how how delighted the panel is with his “analysis,” which, in fact, shows what little “moral compass” Huckabee actually has.

See video:

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