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  1. T. Steelman
    T. Steelman
    February 27, 2013

    There has been some discussion as to the USS Bush and the assertion that it is not an aircraft carrier. As I noted in the text, it is “being studied” (or was) for the fitting of a flight deck. I do not know the classification of naval ships so I took this to mean that it was not, at present, being used in that capacity. I apologize for any confusion. The point stands, however, that an old picture is being used to the end of deriding the Obama administration for something that is patently false.

    • The Rambling Fool
      February 27, 2013

      The Navy hasn’t done a retrofit like that in at least 60 years to my knowledge. All the modern super carriers are designed and built as carrier from the ground up.

      • T. Steelman
        T. Steelman
        February 27, 2013

        Well, according to the article I sourced, that’s what it was there for. Any questions as to why should be aimed at the Navy, I guess.

      • barrablanca
        February 27, 2013

        Perhaps you should have stuck to the facts in the well written NPR article. Fess up to poor research and accept responsibility for your error. Not the Navy’s error but your’s.

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