The NRA’s Dystopian Future Is Here – Getting Shot For Shoplifting


If there is appealing food on a table ready to eat one is likely to eat it. If there is a lot of food, water, or drinks, humans tend to eat and/or drink more. It should be a no brainer that if there are more guns on people’s body, they will use any possible excuse to use it.

In Orange City, Florida Mr. Jose Martinez was arrested for shooting five times in the Wal-Mart parking lot off of Veterans Memorial Parkway. He told the cops that he was defending himself from a shoplifter who ran over and injured him.

According to WKMG Local 6

“The guy put me in danger and other people,” said Martinez as police hauled him off to jail Wednesday evening. “He tried to run me over.”

But police said Martinez only was bumped by the shoplifter’s getaway car because he was chasing after the car and even tried to open the door to the moving vehicle before he opened fire.

Eddie McKee, 42, was caught shoplifting groceries at the Walmart and took off when security confronted him, knocking down a woman, according to police.

Several other people chased after the alleged shoplifter, Eddie McKee, and another man was armed but he never drew his gun. McKee was arrested in DeLand shortly after.

Police said McKee then jumped in his car and took off, but bumped into another car in the parking lot, that’s when police say bullets started flying.

This is the world according to the NRA, a good guy with a gun. The problem is that the good guy with the gun could be a stupid guy. There are lot of immature, well-meaning people that lack any type of inhibition that armed will put average American citizens at risk. It is not a secret that if there is a gun in the home, it is usually used against a loved one. It is not a secret that the presence of a gun when depressed or in mental distress suicide becomes that much easier.

In the NRA world where society is fully armed, it won’t be long before this incident is normal. When Americans fear leaving their homes to go shopping at Wal-Mart or anywhere else, because of their fear of “the good guy with the gun,” maybe the time when businesses and politicians join the average citizens to bring down the NRA and pass sensible gun controls.

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