The David Pakman Show – John Kerry Speaks French In France, Conservatives Flip Out (VIDEO)

Author: March 1, 2013 10:24 am

Pakman Kerry

In a stunning display of… global intelligence, new Secretary of State, John Kerry, had the ‘audacity’ to speak French while in France. And, as could be expected, conservatives denounced and ridiculed.

But as David points out, it’s really what the U.S. needs more of in the cabinet; not necessarily people as wealthy as Kerry, but people educated to have intellectual awareness and sensitivity of other cultures and languages.

David shows footage of even one of their own, Mitt Romney, speaking French but, somehow, conservatives found Kerry’s recent display worthy of denigration.

See video:

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  • Hai Goo!

    Walll, everyun can knews that when a Murrican goes to some god forsaken furrin country, that them there furriners oughta have enough sense to speak a proper language, like Anglish!

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