Pastor Goes On Misogynistic Rant, Says Women Shouldn’t Read, Talk Or Leave The House (VIDEO)

Author: March 2, 2013 3:36 pm
Pastor Steven Anderson; screenshot.

Pastor Steven Anderson; screenshot.

If we’re going to commend this guy for one thing, it’s honesty. About 20 minutes into the video, Pastor Steven Anderson of the Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, Arizona even admits that America wasn’t founded by Christians, which isn’t something you see from fundamentalists every day. Unfortunately, most of the video is dripping with divisiveness and bigotry — including a disturbing rant about women, whom he says shouldn’t read books of their choosing, dress how they like, have sex, look at/think about/acknowledge the existence of men apart from their husband, publicly speak and that they must always obey their husbands.

The video is long — nearly an hour — so for the best section, kindly move to 21:45 in. Here’s the video (all quotes transcribed from video):

At 21:45, he lets you know things are about to get old-fashioned. He isn’t lying by any means, so be prepared. He reads from the Bible and gets slowly more and more angry, eventually spitting the words out one by one as he builds to his crescendo (hint: it’s centered around blasphemy).
Then the real fun begins. At 22:50, he gets started on prescription medication, pointing out that they’re just as wrong as illegal drugs in the eyes of the Christian God. Having never met the Almighty Creator personally, I can’t attest to the accuracy of that claim, but what he says next is pretty awesome anyway:

“No Christian ought to be on psychiatric meds. Period.”

Well, Pastor Steven Anderson, I can tell you take your own advice, and quite religiously. He refers to doctors as “sorcerers,” which is close to making me rethink my decision not to go to Hogwarts Medical School. Then, apparently deciding to give us another awesome quote, he states:

“Don’t go to a psychiatrist. Go to get some preaching.”

Around 25:20, he switches tack and just goes after women with a vengeance:

“[God] said love your husband, and love your children. OK. That is what women need to be taught today by the older women.”

Of course, he has to mention that the love for the husband is first and foremost, with the love of the children obviously coming after. For the next part, I want you to pay careful attention to his word choice; notice that he follows every quoted verse with, “What He means by this,” indicating he believes that he is correctly interpreting the will of the Christian god with absolutely no error.

The tone for the next little bit is mostly about how women need to learn to keep their mouths shut, dress as modestly as possible and never, ever, have sex before marriage. Then, after you’re married, you keep yourself “pure” by not acknowledging the existence of men other than your husband (who, of course, you completely and wholly surrender yourself to).

If you’re trying to be the perfect woman in this sexist fantasy, you must never read any “romance” novels. You mustn’t work, because if you do you’re going to have an affair. And, also, you’re supposed to stay at home. It’s necessary for you to keep at home so that the housekeeping will be done, and you need to be the one at home doing the house keeping. Plus, if you’re at work, you’ll get estranged from your husband. After all, the Bible says you’re a homekeeper, not an “officekeeper.”

It’d be funnier if he weren’t serious. In all reality, this man is a misogynistic, homophobic and, possibly, psychotic religious fundamentalist who presents a very real danger.

The climax of this rant against women comes when he shouts in an enraged tone against women in general:

“Why don’t you love the husband God gave you?!”

This is purely speculation, but it appears he’s getting quite personal here, doesn’t it?

If you have the time and would like a good laugh (or good cry, depending on your outlook), watch the entire video embedded above. Even if you’ve only got a few minutes, it’s worth watching the clips mentioned above.

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  • LMAO … okay, that was some funny sh*t!

  • Yet another example of a growing trend of religious extremism among social conservatives … demonstrating why fewer and fewer Americans wish to be identified as Christians.

  • Rhea Pollstry

    My goodness, that is one ill-fitting suit. Also: girlhands.

  • He’s just mad cuz I slept with his wife.

  • He’s entitled to his opinion, as long as he doesn’t write, talk or leave the house. Let him live with a dog the rest of his life. Dogs are very forgiving.

  • This rant by a Baptist minister is no surprise to me. Mike Huckabee is a Southern Baptist who also thinks people should not be on certain types of medicine. In 2001-2003 as governor of Ark. he and his buddy, the man he put in charge of medicine in Arkansas drove out every doctor who dared to prescribe pain medication. The pain specialist my wife and I saw for chronic pain took the issue to court. Arkansas being what it is, he lost, not only his case but his license to practice in Arkansas. All because these fundamentalist ass h*les think prayer is the answer to everything. This is a fact that can be documented if anyone cares to take a close look at Huckabee. Sadly, Huckabee continues to push his religious agenda disguised as national policy. This idiot in Tempe (not far from where I live) is no different. They are stamped out of the same mold.

  • I have it on good authority that this guy’s family coat of arms buckles in the back! Seriously, who let this person out, let alone listens to him? Such unvarnished hatred of women is so UnChristian! I always thought preachers were to preach about love of our fellow persons and not use it as an occasion for denigration!

  • The reason a lot of guys are afraid of women- if thier women HAD a choice, these dudes would never get laid.

  • Baptist you say?

    Sounds more like a Mormon to me.

  • ohgoodgrief99

    The christian taliban is alive and well. When you scratch the surface of the GOPTP, this is what you get. You don’t even have to scratch very deep anymore…they seriously would rather that women not have any rights at all–especially the right to vote. Why are these men so afraid of women?

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