Further Proof That Fox Is The PR Arm Of The Republican Party (GRAPHICS)

Image from http://newsone.com/nation/casey-gane-mccalla/fox-news-and-rupert-murdoch-donate-1-million-to-republicans/

Image from News One

As if we needed more than Roger Ailes’ admission of that fact. Now we know that they are actually getting some of their material straight from the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC).

On Fox & Friends Saturday, Tucker Carlson did an interview with NRCC Chairman Greg Walden. During the interview, Tucker went through a list of things that were being cut by the sequester. This list was supposedly just a list that Carlson was “going through” with Walden, presumably to make a point. But they never told viewers that the list had actually originated with the NRCC. Straight from their press release, in fact.

He proceeded to read off a laundry list of things that were being cut – crucial programs, according to them – and the “wasteful” things that were not being cut. I guess both of them “forgot” that that’s exactly what the sequester was supposed to do: make indiscriminate cuts to a variety of programs, not taking anything into consideration. That’s why it was supposed to be something that we wanted to prevent. Carlson and Walden can lay the blame for that right where it should go, which is at Bohener’s orange feet.

As this, and a later segment progressed, graphics appeared. You can see from the comparison that they are almost exactly the same as the ones in the NRCC press release. Fox added a blue background and changed up the actual pictures, but it cannot have been a coincidence that they chose the very same plans to show side-by-side.

Here are a few:

I love the way they use the word “priorities,” don’t you? It’s as if the entire concept of sequestration completely escapes them. Oh, wait…

Then, to cap it all off, Carlson casually remarks

“… wouldn’t it make sense for Republicans to come up with a list, push that list over to the White House, and publicize that list of pointless programs like this that ought to be cut?”

To which Walden readily agrees.

You know, we expect nothing less from Fox “News” than to parrot right-wing talking points. It’s what they do. Like that time when Jon Scott used a graphic that was so obviously cut and pasted that it even copied, and didn’t fix, a typo from the original. What did they do? Apologized for the typo. Even CNN jumped on them for that! No, we expect them to use Republican propaganda straight from the source. But, come on guys – at least fess up to it. You had the guy who probably authored the damn list on the air while you parroted it without any indication of that fact. That is pretty slimy even for Tucker and Fox.

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