Conservatives Slam Stupidity Of Inviting Palin Instead Of Christie To CPAC (VIDEO)

After the Republican Party took a shellacking in 2012, many in the party started providing post mortems. The most important advice came from Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. He said the Republican Party needed to stop being the stupid party. He said the Republican Party needs to be the party that talks like adults. He claims he wants the party to articulate its vision and aspirations in real terms.

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) did not get the memo. Yesterday on ThisWeek, President George W. Bush’s former chief strategist, Matthew Dowd, unloaded on CPAC for snubbing New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie, while inviting 2008 Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin. Dowd likely had the zinger of the day. From Raw Story/video:

“CPAC to  me totally diminished their credibility as an organization when you basically … Chris  Christie is a national leader, and their explanation in the next day about why, it’s like an all-star game to say he did not have a good year, and they invite Sarah Palin who wasn’t competent enough to keep a Fox News Contract? But she is invited to a CPAC meeting? I mean, to me they basically, many people, Karl and many people decided that the voters out there don’t know what they are doing; that the voters who like Chris Christie and the voters that like other candidates, they are really mixed up and we are going to tell what the truth is. And whenever that is the strategy on either side, when you’re trying to tell the voters you are wrong it’s a bad move.”

Democratic strategist James Carville loved CPAC’s decision as he believed it continues to elevate the fringe element in the GOP that continues to be those that receive coverage (and invitations).

Wall Street Journal editor Paul Gigot also considered it a bad move. He believes this is a time the GOP must have a debate as opposed to blackballing candidates with different views.

The Republican’s DNA prevents independent thinking. It is for this reason that otherwise reasonable conservatives like John Boehner are paralyzed. They have no room to maneuver or compromise for the benefit of the country as a whole. They are destroying their own party, the party of Lincoln as they have morphed into a Right Wing machine of intolerance. It is for this reason the process has begun to remove them from leading America’s House of Representatives.

Carville’s finishing line was funny and yet quite prescient:

“Any day that you have more Sara Palin and less Chris Christie is a good day for James Carville.” [Source]

See video:

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