Rush Limbaugh – Racist Antonin Scalia Should Be ‘Honored’ To Be Compared To Me (AUDIO) week, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia made one of the most powerfully racist arguments against the Voting Rights Act since – well – the passage of the Voting Rights Act. The argument was so eye-poppingly offensive that lacking any mainstream role models with hoods, critics compared the Justice to America’s favorite all-around bigot, Rush Limbaugh. Limbaugh, the college drop-out, was honored to be put in the same league as the “well-endowed intellect” Scalia, but more importantly, Limbaugh thought Scalia should be honored to be put in the same league as him – the man who makes a living from berating women, the poor, minorities and pretty much everyone who isn’t white, rich and male.

Scalia’s comments were highlighted by his implication that the Voting Rights Act, which is partially being reviewed in response to GOP attempts to limit voting in many states, is a “racial entitlement.” Perhaps even more frighteningly, Scalia said that because it’s now unanimously renewed in Congress, it’s up to the court to overturn it because it’s become too politically dangerous for any members of Congress to vote against it. Yes, he really said that. Because a law has become democratically intrenched, it’s up to him and his fellow right-wing justices to override democracy. Even more surprisingly, he says this after he says racial issues should be left up to Congress. If that’s not the definition of judicial activism, I don’t know what is.

Here’s the audio:

That’s when the comparisons to Limbaugh started to fly (although not for the first time). Here’s Rush’s reaction:

Transcript from Raw Story:

“Imagine that!” Limbaugh exclaimed. “Arguably one of the most well-endowed intellects in court’s history, Antonin Scalia, was accused of sounding like me. And I’m sure it’s a big day for him too!”

“This is one of those things that goes both ways. I know if I were Antonin Scalia, I would be honored. Just like I am honored to be compared to him.”

It’s not the first time Scalia and Limbaugh have been partnered in their fear of somewhat darker toned people. Last year, after the court ruled that immigration law should be handled by the federal government instead of, in this case, the state of Arizona, both Limbaugh and Scalia were both apoplectic, both calling the ruling “mind-boggling.”

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