Let’s Throw Him Out Of The Closet – Former WBC Member Thinks Fred Phelps Is Gay

With the Phelps family abandoning the teachings of controversial anti-homosexuality pastor Fred Phelps, many have questioned his motivation. In an interview with the Advocate, former Westboro Baptist Church member Lauren Drain gives an insight into the madness of Fred Phelps.

When asked for a motivation, she gave this response:

I never understood why, when [the media asked him], “Why are you so against the homosexuals? Did you have a homosexual experience? Do you have homosexual tendencies?” And he would get so mad, he would shut down. And he’d be like, “I can’t talk to this person anymore, they’re stupid.” His reaction to that was stronger than any other question you can ask him. So I always wondered that — why does he get so mad? If I’m not gay, I’ll just say I’m not gay. And I’m not going to freak out, like, “Why are you calling me gay?” I always thought that was super strange. … I don’t know what happened there, so [speculation] is all that I can leave it at. But something happened, and something made him change his mind about the military, and in turn have kind of a crusade against sexual immorality and homosexuals.

So, was the entire crusade winds up a case of self loathing, oppression, and hatred at who he is. Study after study has found that oppression of the natural sexual orientation leads to homophobia. A man who is so filled with this hatred, the question must be asked, and new insights lends credit to him.

It is already well documented that Fred Phelps is abusive, and has driven many of his family away through his abuse. Like many such self-haters, he turned to drugs and alcohol, including an attempted overdose in 1968.

Fred Phelps is showing all of the signs of being a repressed gay man. The sham marriage where he beat his wife so badly that she now suffers from bone fragments and a destroyed right shoulder. Children now either diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder or now abusers themselves. Fred Phelps even delivered a sermon where he lorded his abuse of his wife, stating:

A good left hook makes for a right fine wife. Brethren, they can lock us up, but we’ll still do what the Bible tells us to do. Either our wives are going to obey, or we’re going to beat them!

Fred Phelps, if you are reading this (highly doubtful) give it up. We know the truth. You continue hurt everyone you claim to love, even the God you claim to cherish. Ultimately it is you who needs to love, of yourself, because it is clear you hate yourself. How can you claim to love God if you can not even look yourself in the face, and admit the truth which is so plain to see. Come out of the closest Fred Phelps, before you destroy another life with your self loathing and hatred.


Nathaniel Downes is the son of a former state representative of New Hampshire, now living in Seattle Washington.

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