Amidst Lies Lies And More Lies, Ann Coulter Calls Bill Clinton ‘Forcible Rapist’ (VIDEO)

Screen Shot 2013-03-16 at 6.07.31 PMThis year’s Conservative Political Action Conference was the usual blend of Republican talking points spoken as if for the first time with a few smatterings of racism. But for true meanness, none can top the queen, Ms. Ann Coulter. And in true form, she didn’t disappoint.

Coulter, looking particularly robust, opened with a jab at the sequester. Her main beef, like all other Republicans, wasn’t the fact that some will be losing jobs or food or educational opportunities. Her main beef was that the White House tours had been cancelled.

Then she said that the sequester had even hit CPAC and referring to the fact that New Jersey’s Governor Chris Christie was not invited, said, “Even CPAC had to cut back on its speakers this year about 300 pounds.”

Coulter continued with a number of false accusations against the Obama administration, including a GOP fave saying that Obama has not cut spending. Absent in that accusation is the fact that spending is Congress’s domain, but regardless, Obama has proposed numerous spending cuts.

At about 6:50 in the video, she tries to distance the GOP party from the likes of Todd Akin and the others who believe that women who are raped should be forced to carry the baby to term. She neglected to mention their own former VP candidate, Paul Ryan and his nearly identical views.

She then went on to say that there was no war on women and if there were, the Democrats would have already won because the keynote speaker at the Democratic National Convention was “forcible rapist, Bill Clinton,” to which she received hollers and applause.

It didn’t stop there. She then attacked the now deceased Teddy Kennedy, saying he had “the only confirmed kill on the war on women.”

She made her obligatory attack on Sandra Fluke, saying, “I think that haircut is birth control enough.” (More hollering and applause).

Then she turned to projection. She accused the Democrats of stealing elections and of being cruel to those who speak out of turn.

Like many in this year’s CPAC, she denied that Republicans had a problem with their philosophy. In fact, she urged the party to double down on its extreme ideas and oppose all sorts of amnesty for immigrants. She argued that Republicans are panicked after losing the election and tried to reassure them by saying that Obama did worse than any incumbent in the last 100 years, which is simply not true. Obama was the first to win reelection by more than 50% in almost 70 years. He also won by an electoral landslide. Of course, knowing Ann Coulter, she is probably only counting the white votes, although his showing there wasn’t so bad either. Maybe she meant the white male vote because in her opinion, women just shouldn’t vote.

During the Q&A period, the first question was about Chris Christie, asking whether he should have been invited to the CPAC event. She answered by saying that Christie’s convention speech was “really bad” and that she’s now a “single issue voter…amnesty.”

Perhaps most disturbing was her answer to a young black conservative who asked how to deal with liberals. She noted that Mitt Romney received 20% of the under 30 black male vote (as if that’s a victory) and again referred to her “single issue,” amnesty. She said that young black males would have to be competing for jobs with “illegal aliens.”

Coulter may or may not have been aware of the inherent racism in that thought. Undocumented workers typically have the worst possible jobs in this country. She argued that we owe more to our African-American citizens and we do. They should not have to be relegated to competing for cleaning toilets and picking tomatoes. African-Americans should have resources available to them, as should all Americans, that would allow them to grow up in a nurturing environment and to achieve the highest level of education they desire. Of course, in Coulter’s lexicon, this would be called “entitlement spending.” Democrats would call it an investment in productive citizens.

Another questioner asked about the fact that Republicans don’t do well with minorities, women and young people, despite having Marco Rubio and Ron Paul – both very different people who score well with minorities. She answered with another lie, by saying that the average attendees at the Democratic National Convention were 15 years older than the average at the Republican National Convention. The exact opposite was true. She then said she might be exaggerating, but not by much. Oddly, she said that Teddy Kennedy was at the DNC. In fact, Ted Kennedy seems to be a bit of an obsession for Coulter. She blames him for the country’s changing demographics.

She then went on to reiterate Romney’s 47% statement, saying a “dependent society” won’t vote Republican. The then went on to call Democrats, “awful people…every time a woman has a child out-of-wedlock, Democrats think, ‘oh great, another Democratic voter.’ Every time a family gets divorced, ‘fantastic, another Democratic voter.’ Every time someone loses his job and goes on welfare, ‘fantastic, another Democratic voter.'”

Her suggested candidates for 2016? She had a few rules, including no Congressmen and no small state governors. She named several possibilities and the crowd favorite seemed to be Ted Cruz.

Here’s the video:

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Screen-Shot-2012-12-27-at-6.14.13-PM Wendy Gittleson grew up in a political family. Her passion is for social justice and fairness. She is the Senior Editor for Addicting Info. She lives in a union household. In her rare downtime, you’ll find her hiking or exploring the shoreline with her dogs. Follow her on her Facebook page or on Twitter, @wendygittleson