Obama’s Coat At Inauguration Disproves Climate Change, Says Republican Rep. (VIDEO)

Steve ScaliseLouisiana Representative Steve Scalise showed a remarkable lack of knowledge of the principles behind climate change and global warming when speaking at CPAC yesterday before dismissing it as a complete myth. The reasoning? Well, President Barack Obama was wearing a trench coat at the inauguration because it was cold!

Here’s the video, courtesy of Right Wing Watch:


It’s interesting that he attempts to dismiss climate change so casually by showing such a remarkable ignorance of the subject. Average global temperature rises of mere degrees would be catastrophic for human life on this planet, and higher temperatures means more moisture will evaporate, causing severe storms — including blizzards and winter storms. Not only that, but winters will always be cooler than summers (well, not at the equator, but you get the point).

The simple fact is that Republicans encourage a lack of education so that their uneducated candidates can say things that don’t actually make any sense and get away with it. Not only do they try to legislate nonsense into the classroom, but they cultivate a distrust of science, scientists and education as a whole by insinuating (or directly saying) that it’s all a “liberal conspiracy.”

You would think that would let people know that they aren’t exactly the ones to speak with any degree of authority on a scientific subject, but unfortunately, these people always seem to find willing constituents to give them a position of power within the government and country. This is causing an alarming percentage of the citizenry to arbitrarily disregard whatever bit of science disagrees with their favorite brand of religion or political lobbyists.

Those ignorant politicians peddling the lobbyist-perpetrated “global warming is a myth” stories are both intellectually and directly dishonest. The vast majority of scientists, as well as scholarly research on the subject, agree that human-influenced climate change, or “global warming,” is real and very likely to be disastrous to human beings.


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