‘Christian’ PAC Warns Portman That His Son May Die Of AIDS


It was big news when Sen, Rob Portman of Ohio came out in support of gay marriage last week. The reaction among the rest of his party was predictable: they threw him under the bus. But even that is mild compared to what William Murray had to say.

Mr. Murray is the head of the ultra-right-wing “Government Is Not God” political action committee. As you might suspect, he is rather opinionated about his interpretation of the Bible. Only his is the correct one, of course. And he interprets it to condemn anything that he, himself, dislikes. Or maybe, fears?

So when Sen. Portman spoke out about his gay son and his newly-coined support for same-sex marriage, Mr. Murray took it upon himself to warn the senator. In a blog post (this link gets an unsafe warning from my browser security, FYI), he assured Sen. Portman that:

“Homosexual sex is ultimately just as destructive as cocaine use. Would you suddenly call for the legalization of cocaine if his son had announced that he was a cocaine addict? Would that be ‘loving’ and ‘compassionate’?”

Following that pretzel logic is painful, I know. But even worse is the way Murray rejects the senator’s conclusion that love and compassion compelled him to accept his son. Because, hey! – that’s not what the Bible says! Murray insists that both the Old and New Testaments have dire warnings about homosexuality and that Portman is a fool to ignore them. Funny how these thumpers conveniently ignore parts of the Bible that they disagree with, isn’t it? Like I said, Murray believes that only his interpretation is the legitimate one.

Murray goes on to compare apples and oranges… excuse me, homosexuality and insider trading (no, really!). Because they both harm so many people, except that one doesn’t. He also says that group marriage is the “next phase of the gay agenda.” Well damn, that sounds fun – if it is the next phase of the gay agenda, I’m signing up!

Then Murray steers into a most unseemly, ugly place:

“What sort of core values motivate a U.S. Senator to change his mind about a sexually destructive behavior simply because his son is involved in it? What will happen to Rob Portman’s belief system when he discovers that his son is infected with HIV or throat cancer?”

Gee, I don’t know Mr. Murray – what kind of core values motivate a so-called Christian to be such an asshat? What kind of core values motivate someone to say that being gay is a “treatable condition?” What kind of core values motivate someone to suggest that a father should have discarded his son like an old shoe?

Senator Portman showed some real courage in bucking his party on this issue. It took him a while and maybe he should have done it sooner but changing one’s deeply held biases can take time. At least he managed to do it. Mr. Murray will undoubtedly spend the rest of his miserable life belittling others. Because that’s just what people with shrunken souls do.

Photobucket      T. Steelman is a life-long Liberal. She has been writing online about politics since 2007. She lives in Western Washington with her husband, daughter, 2 cats and a small herd of alpacas. How can anybody be enlightened? Truth is, after all, so poorly lit…