Newt Gingrich’s Bizarre CPAC Speech (VIDEO)

Starting off a day of the washed up and has-been on Saturday, CPAC welcomed Newt Gingrich to the stage. For 10 minutes (ouch!). Newtie’s speech was a bizarre blend of kissing the ass of the Tea Party, book review and playing with props. Coming from an old pol like Gingrich, this sort of thing

“You’re going to hear a false attack that we don’t need new ideas,” said Gingrich. “Let me draw a distinction. We don’t need new principles … we do need new ideas to put those principles into practice.”

… just sounds like groveling for the base. Newt bashed the “Old Guard” of the party, telling the crowd that it was they who were the “pioneers of the future.” And that the “Republican establishment is just plain wrong.” He obviously spaced on the fact that he is part of that establishment.

Then came the puppet show portion of the program. Well, candle show, anyway. Holding up a candle to illustrate, he insisted that the GOP establishment is “trapped in the age of candles.” The Obama administration, he says, is trying to redistribute the candle wealth (I think I speak for all of us when I say, “huh?”). The thing I guess he doesn’t understand is that, if his buddies keep up with their nonsense, candles may be the only source of light and heat for some Americans. Newt went on to say that the GOP should be like Edison and invent the light bulb (once again I say, “huh?”). Poor Newt: he’s tried to point this out to the powers that be on the Hill but they are blind to it. Maybe because it’s a lame analogy, Newtie?

He did compliment two current Republicans, speaking nicely of Sen. Rand Paul and Gov. Scott Walker, two of his cronies in Koch-kissing. But he said that the “dominant wing” of the GOP is “mired in stupidity.” Thing is, he doesn’t understand that he is stuck in that tar with them.

In an interesting twist, Gingrich took a moment to praise former San Fransisco mayor Gavin Newsom’s new book, Citizenville. Yes, Newsom is a Democrat and San Fransisco is a hotbed of liberalism but Newt apparently likes the way Newsom writes about citizen-driven politics. To keep it balanced, though, he also gave shout-outs to Irving Kristol books.

He ended his speech with an affirmation of his conservative values. He is also excited about the new Pope who, Newt believes, will challenge the left on abortion and the right on the poor. Rather ironic considering that Gingrich had the opportunity to challenge the right on poverty last year and stuck with the “tax cuts for the rich” theme that pretty much every GOP candidate espoused during the primaries.

Here’s the video of Newt’s entire speech:

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