Steubenville Rapists Found Guilty, Sentenced To One Year In Juvenile Jail


Trent Mays & Ma'Lik Richmond

Trent Mays & Ma’Lik Richmond

Via CNN:

Steubenville, Ohio (CNN) — A judge found two Steubenville star high school football players guilty Sunday of raping an allegedly drunk 16-year-old girl.

Judge Thomas Lipps announced his decision after reviewing evidence presented over four days of testimony in the case against 17-year-old Trent Mays and 16-year-old Ma’lik Richmond, who were tried as juveniles.

Both were found guilty of rape after having inserted their fingers into a 16 year old student from a different school as she lay unconscious from too much alcohol. Trent Mays, 17, was sentenced to an additional year for taking nude pictures of the underage victim. In essence, child pornography. Mays’ second year is to start after his initial time is served.

While the judge left open the possibility for the two to remain in custody until they are 21, the fact that at least one of them could go free in time to attend his senior prom is deeply disturbing. In a town where far too many of the residents rallied to support their local sports stars in the face of incontrovertible evidence that they sexually assaulted an unconscious girl, a year is more like an inconvenience than a real punishment.

Worse still, several of the rapist’s friends on the “Rape Crew”(a moniker they gave to themselves) received immunity to testify against them. Several others are on video joking about what they clearly knew to be an illegal act and have suffered little more than public humiliation. Mays and Richmond’s own texts clearly indicate they knew they were breaking the law and simply didn’t care. Throughout the entire affair, the entitled arrogance of being a “celebrity” in a town that places athletic achievement above decency was plain to see. Yet, only Mays and Richmond are paying the price and not much of one at that.

In a country that will send a person to jail for life for the “crime” of smoking marijuana, this entire case might as well put up a flashing neon light that gives the go ahead to jocks to do whatever the hell they want. As long as they don’t take pictures or text about it, they’ll be just fine. And if they do? Meh, a year in juvie. To hell with their victims and the concept of “justice.”

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