You Won’t Believe How The Bible Actually Defines Marriage (HINT: It’s Not ‘One Man And One Woman’)

Author: March 21, 2013 6:44 pm

Far too often we hear arguments against marriage equality like “the Bible defines marriage as one man and one woman,” or my personal favorite, “marriage is a religious institution.” If marriage were a religious institution these anti-equality bigots would be protesting atheists getting married, or anyone who doesn’t share the same faith as them.

The other argument, “the Bible defines marriage as one man and one woman,” can easily be discredited though, if you have a very basic understanding of the Bible. If you don’t, Betty Bowers can explain it for you:


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  • Tom Kennedy . I do understand you uncomfortable with the mocking. I really don’t like that either, even though I think religion and certainly the fans of Jesus claim to be his fans but clearly pick and choose what to believe.

    It is unnecessary to mock. I have no problem saying some organized churches have become cult-like, don’t use their minds and understand that the Bible is the religious writing of the time… and some if it, welll the old testament especially, is flush with superstition of men trying so hard to figure things out.

    I like the Book, respect it, marvel at its logical perspective, alliteration, and I think many who contributed to the books were inspired by a spirit. A spirit many people don’t understand well enough to crriticize.

    You must be a fundamentalist…or a baptist type. They build their recruitment, like back in the tent revivals, on a vengeful God. Obey or he’ll be pissed and punish you. Smite you. Very Jewish thinking. And of coruse they didnt’ like what Jesus told them…questioning theri values and they certainly smited Him on Calvary.

    Logic should tell us that our “God” is not all powerful, almighty. He doens’t know what’s going to happen. Can’t control it. Can’t even manage to defeat Evil to protect his Creations. This the problem with our species, presumably given a mind to question. To read for ourselves. Analyze.

    Many of us want to think God makes all the big decisions so we dont’ have to. That’s pretty silly, if you think about it. Why would a God’s ego be so big to need to be PRAISED for His existance? Whats the logic in saying “Lord, please spare me from coming to you by killing me with the Tornado you just created?”

    What’s the logic in the guilt trip of thinking your child died because it was God’s will to test you? Or punish you for not behaving enough? Just you, not more evil men’s children. And how arbitrary of a ‘loving God’ to cause a hurricane or earthquake to kill tens of thousands of his creations!

    Does this make sense? Do you call it a mystery and say the illogic of it is really Truth…and you just aren’t smart enough to understand His will? Maybe some Christian concepts voiced today are just poppy-cock by preachers who make their livings trying to read things into the Scripture that you yourself could read as well as he can?

    Maybe the hell-fire-brimstone guys are frauds. And the ones closer to understanding the Godspirit don’t do that. Catholics, around far longer than the upstart protestants, say you can’t be close to God without Good Works. Despite their sins and rituals and statue worship, maybe they’re onto something. Closer to the New Testament than those who spend too much time in the front of the book!

    Maybe some of the positive thinking preachers are more connected than the local fear-generating guys. Like Joel Olsteen or that guy out at the Crystal Cathedral in California. Men who describe the spirit of god as kinder, gentler. Not this lake of fire shit designed to scare ignorant men of 2 or 3 millenia ago into obedience of their Old TEstament rules about sanitation, etc etc.

    Just a suggested you USE the logical mind God gave you. Don’t be superstitious. Don’t try to explain everything that whatever happens must be His doing. So illogical.

    Perhaps you should use God by praying, contemplating, asking for PERSONAL peace rather than a job or a baby or world peace, or freedom from bad fortune. Or longer life.

    I’ve always found it ridiculous that people who believe in the Everlasting, pray NOT TO GO THERE. To stay HERE as long as they can. Explain that thinking. ARe Christians not convinced of what they’e been taught all their lives? Are they being phony…or just not thinking when someone’s sick and they “PRAY FOR RECOVERY to stay on EARTH”?

    And then when they don’t survive (as none of us do for too long), just dismiss our efforts by offering that it must be God’s will. Maybe it’s NOT god’s will. Maybe he can bring you peace and acceptance, but really doesn’t get involved in everone’s business. Doesn’t that make more sense ???

    Don’t be a nut. Don’t be judgmental. You dont’ know who God is but you know your’e not HIM. And Jesus brought a new message to replace old Jewish thinking. All you have to do is READ them BOTH… and what else can you conclude? Be vengeful or forgiving. Be a pacifist and a socialist or collect riches. Again, ya can’t have it both ways!

    Go with HIS views, not the older ones, IMHO. Means stand DOWN on issues of morality beyond what HE defined. The gay stuff, racial stuff, the stoning or killing of people who sleep around. Do you stone them, or say “go and sin no more?” Can’t have it both ways, can you? No WONDER they killed the guy!.

  • How could the bible be wrong? It is fiction….the bible is not wrong, just the people who thin it is a true story are wrong.

  • That’s pretty funny, buts she does get a few facts wrong.

    First Cain and Abel were not Adam’s only sons mentioned in the Bible. Jesus was on the line of Seth, for example. They could have had loads of kids since their lifespan was in the order of 800 years, but the Bible only mentions 3. And the Bible rarely mentions daughters because daughters are just not important. Still icky incest I guess if you are with sister no 146.

    And Abraham’s Wife was not actually his sister as far as I remember. He just liked to come into places, casually let people THINK she was his sister so the local rich man would hive him loads of presents so that the man could get his hands on this fine looking woman without giving offense to the family. Then Abraham would casually point out that the woman was actually his wife and whisk her off. So, you know, that’s ok… I guess…

    That’s all I can point out with my little bible knowledge. Its definitely true about Solomon’s Harem though!

  • Well the Nimrods are harkening back to what every civilized person who has actually read the bible, understands- that those who have never read the bible want it to be the backbone of everything.
    Biblical Inerrancy is the notion, despite the massive evidence that it’s chock full of errors.

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