How Did Two Kids Get A Gun And Murder An Infant?

 Antonio Santiago, shot and killed by children with a gun;

Antonio Santiago, shot and killed by children with a gun;

Kids, mischief, parental carelessness, and guns. Anyone sane knows this is a recipe for disaster, and, sadly, Sherry West’s walk with her son Thursday morning turned out to be her last due to this deadly combination. The Brunswick, Georgia mother was reportedly approached by a pair of youths, one perhaps as young as age 10, the other around 13 or 14, who demanded money under threat of death. When she informed them she had no money, the older youth, said, “Well, I am going to kill your baby.” West attempted to shield her child with her own body, but the baby was shot in the head, and she in the leg. The child died at the scene,  and the offenders fled. No weapon has been recovered, there have been no witness accounts, and the murderous youths are still at large.

Now, the first question that comes to mind here is just why the hell would two kids, one possibly as young as 10, the other likely no older than 14, be doing out in the streets with a handgun? Where were their parents, and why were they so careless with their weapons (one can only assume that the gun came from one of the homes of the offenders), and how on Earth did these kids get the idea that anything good would come of this? What, was their allowance money not enough, so they had to go out and kill an innocent woman’s baby?

Another disturbing piece to this horrific puzzle is the mental health of the youths involved. Nothing short of sociopathy could make one believe that killing a 13-month-old baby is anywhere near an okay thing to do. Sure, the brains of kids the ages of these little monsters are nowhere near fully developed, but they certainly know the difference between life and death. They knew what they were doing and they didn’t care. That is perhaps the worst part of all of this, and that is definitely saying something. What kind of world are we living in where this can happen?

UPDATE: On Friday, March 22, two teens, aged 14 and 17, were arrested. Both youths are charged with first degree murder. The 14- year- old’s name has not been released, but the 17- year- old has been identified as De’ Marquis Elkins.