Rick Perry Helping Democrats Win In Texas

Author: March 22, 2013 9:00 pm

2011-08-12-11-52-42-1-47th-texas-governor-rick-perry-is-said-to-be-texasRepublican Governor Rick Perry, like quite a few other Republican governors, has refused to allow the Medicaid expansion available to states under the Affordable Care Act, presumably because it came from that black guy in the White House. However, this might impact the Republican hierarchy in Texas in a more negative way than expected. Texas is unique among other large-population states in how rapid the demographics are changing. Because the effects of refusing the Medicaid expansion will disproportionately hurt Hispanics, the decision to refuse it could help  shift the state even more quickly to being Democratic.

Texas is one of the worst states for health insurance in the nation, with an astonishing 25 percent of Texans being uninsured. Under the Medicaid expansion, the federal government will absorb the extra Medicaid costs for providing healthcare to low-income families, costing the state very little. However, several red states, Texas among them, have refused the expansion anyway.

In a time when Republicans are increasingly trying to market their propaganda to Hispanic demographics, this move could help erase key future support in a key Republican state. The decision to refuse the expansion could, in the end, do more damage to the Republican Party than Rick Perry probably has the cognitive ability to understand. He’s been quite outspoken about the expansion, though, as reported by National Journal: 

Yet Gov. Rick Perry, back from his stumbles in the 2012 GOP presidential race, has insisted that Texas will not accept the federal money provided by President Obama’s health care law to expand Medicaid coverage. As Republican governors from Arizona to New Jersey have joined the program, Perry has amplified his opposition. In a bristling speech to conservatives last week, he said governors who accepted the money had “folded in the face of federal bribery.”

They also remind us of what happened the last time Republicans enacted legislation that targeted Hispanics either directly or indirectly:

In 1994, California Republican Gov. Pete Wilson mobilized his base by promoting Proposition 187, a ballot initiative to deny services to illegal immigrants. He won reelection that year—and then lost the war as Hispanics stampeded from the GOP and helped turn the state lastingly Democratic. Texas Republicans wouldn’t be threatened as quickly, but they may someday judge their impending decision on expanding Medicaid as a similar turning point.

Please, Governor. Keep dragging your party down into irrelevancy.


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  • Not only does TexASS have the highest rate of uninsured in the country, it also has the highest rate of minimum wage paying jobs in the country and one the highest teen pregnancy rates in the country. Gee, TexASS has much to be “proud” of …

    Just another oops in a long list of oops by Rick “Oops” Perry …

  • Even my uber conservative parents (the VoteUnderGod dot com website was made by my family’s church) hate Rick Perry. Can’t wait until he’s gone for good.

  • A number of Texan friends often refer to Gov. George W. Bu$h as the ‘smart one’, when talking about Perry.

  • Some time last year, I remember reading a study linking higher IQ to liberal beliefs and lower IQ with conservative beliefs. I also remember reading a study about leaders vs. followers. It stated, in general, leaders tend to have higher IQ’s wither a portion of that group having no religious affiliation while followers tend to have lower IQ’s and just about all of them have some religious affiliation.

    Living in Texas, I can honestly say I don’t think this state will turn blue any time in the near future. The people here prove both studies mentioned before. There are more here who have the follower mentality and, based on behavior, more than likely have a lower IQ. The majority of people here, for the most part, believe just about anything their leaders tell them. Most religions teach their followers to follow blindly and not question. That appears to be the prevalent attitude here.

    Perhaps once the moral majority become the minority, this state will be more Democratic than Republican, but that doesn’t seem likely any time soon.

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