White Supremacist Suspected In Murder Of Colorado Corrections Officer Shot, Left Brain Dead (VIDEO)

White supremacist, Evan Spencer Ebel; screenshot@RawStory.com

White supremacist, Evan Spencer Ebel; screenshot@RawStory.com

I have plenty of respect for human life, but I cannot say I am shedding so much as a tear over this one. An ex-convict, suspected of killing  Colorado  top prison official Tom Clements, is brain dead and on life support after being shot in the head by police officers in Texas after seriously injuring an officer, The Raw Story reports. And, oh, yeah, the criminal also happens to be a white supremacist.

Twenty-eight-year-old Evan Spencer Ebel was seen driving a Cadillac that matched the description of the vehicle spotted near the home of the recently murdered Colorado Chief of Corrections Tom Clements, on the night he was murdered. When Deputy James Boyd of Texas’ Montague County attempted to pull Ebel over, he reportedly began shooting. Boyd was shot three times and Ebel wound up exchanging more gunfire with authorities in a Decatur intersection, only after crashing the Cadillac during a high-speed chase.

According to The Denver Post, Ebel was a member of a Colorado prison gang of white supremacists called the 211s, named after the Colorado police code for theft. The ongoing police investigation will include looking into whether Ebel was ordered to kill Clements by the gang. They are also investigating whether Ebel was possibly responsible for the murder of Nathan Leon, a Domino’s Pizza delivery driver whose body was discovered in Golden, Colorado, recently, as there was a pizza box and a Domino’s uniform found in the Cadillac.

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Now, I know that this murdering white supremacist meant something to someone here on this Earth. He was likely a friend, a son, a brother, to someone, and, sure, I feel sorry for those people for their loss. However, I feel a whole lot sorrier for the murdered corrections officer and the pizza delivery driver who was likely just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Something tells me that the world is a whole lot better off without this murderous, gang-affiliated white supremacist. You live by the sword, you die by it as well. He got just what he deserved.

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