Nevada State Senator Submits Bill For Betting On Federal Elections


Nevada state Sen. Tick Segerblom (D) thinks that elections-based gambling is a good idea. He submitted a bill recently to the state legislature that would allow for betting on presidential and federal elections, bringing more revenue to the state. Senator Segerblom also thinks that expanding the bill to allow gambling on things like the Academy Awards should be considered, as well.

A Las Vegas publication, the Review-Journal, reports the following:

“Other counties are doing this,” said Segerblom, D-Las Vegas.

Segerblom said he has the support of most committee members and believes expanding betting to include these events could bring Nevada additional revenue since it would be popular with the general public.

There are several scenarios that could result from this.

One, it could become an invitation to the Russian mob to start setting elections, bringing a worldwide fascination and tons of money until it comes out that all of the politicians are pawns and the elections are set.

Second, and perhaps more realistically, it could invite corrupting interests into the federal elections scene, and we all know how terrible it would be if there were corrupting influences in Washington.

Another interesting possibility is the notion that this could be a genuinely good idea. It could raise revenue in the state, helping to pay government expenses, and could also raise more interest in elections as well. More attention might mean more transparency, and maybe with the interest of gambling, people would be more politically aware.


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