The Must-See Marriage Equality Ad With A Twist (VIDEO)

The United States Supreme Court begins hearings today on America’s big question, same-sex marriage. What is interesting with this particular civil rights case is that the population is currently ahead of the law. During the interracial marriage case in 1967 (Loving v. Virginia) support was polling at 20%. Support for legalization of same-sex marriage now polls between 53 % and 58%.

Those who oppose equal rights continue to be out of step with the rest of the country. Their arguments continue to show a failed intellectual attempt to support discrimination. As reported in the Boston Globe:

Opponents of gay marriage argue that the Supreme Court should defer to the political process and the voters’ decision. Furthermore, since they view marriage as ultimately about procreation and gay couples do not have the biological capacity to produce children together, the equal protection clause under the constitution does not apply to gay couples, they say.

Of course, the simple answer to that intellectually dishonest assertion follows in the next paragraph from the same article:

Same-sex marriage supporters argue that the California ban denies gay couples who wish to marry equal protection, and that marriage is not about procreation. Heterosexual couples have always been allowed to marry whether or not they intend to have children. And gay couples have become parents through adoption, surrogacy and artificial insemination.

The following video posted at is excellent in that it shows the stupidity of the arguments bigots use to oppose gay marriage.

The video begins with the husband coming home. When the wife greets him, he looks perturbed. He complains that “they are trying to make gay marriage legal.” The wife is stunned – “Oh my God, what is going to happen to our marriage? … I do not want to get a divorce or marry a woman.” The husband follows up “Why do those  gays want to destroy our civilization?”

Later on in the video the couple’s daughter asks, “Mommy, Daddy, if gay people are allowed to get married will you still love me?” The father responds, “Let’s hope it does not come to that.”

The real punchline is at the end, when narrator says:

“Paid for by the coalition of people whose lives are ruined whenever other people are treated equally.”

That says it all. See video:


America is a country of religious freedom. Religions of all types do discriminate in some form and have the right to do so. Because the American government has codified certain rights (financial and otherwise) that come with “marriage,” the question of who can or cannot get married cannot be left to religious institutions or to religious beliefs. The codification of the denial of same-sex marriage must end.

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