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  1. Moongrim
    March 31, 2013


    Well done.

    Alas. Facts have not been nor will ever be a strong point for Republicans.

  2. labman57
    March 31, 2013

    Liberals defined:

    Liberals tend to be tolerant of people who are different than themselves ethnically, religiously, culturally, etc. so long as those people are not themselves intolerant of others.

    Liberals do not believe that an advanced college education and a well-informed populace is something to be shunned and scorned as an aspiration associated with elitists, nor do they believe that when science conflicts with religious dogma, damn the science.

    Liberals tend to believe that it is the duty of a civilized society to provide basic needs (food, shelter, health care) to those who are unable to provide for themselves or their families. In other words, unlike conservatives, liberals do not regard compassion and empathy for the socio-economically disadvantaged to be character flaws.

    Liberals do not embrace the self-serving ideology of “dog eat dog” and “every man for himself”.

    Liberals do not believe “peace” and “diplomacy” are heinous concepts to be scorned when developing foreign policy.

    Liberals believe that the impact on the global environment must always be considered when developing or expanding industry and technology.

    Liberals believe that the values, morals and tenets of ANY religion have absolutely no place in politics with respect establishing public policy or writing legislation.

    Liberals do not believe that some regions of the nation are more “pro-America” than are other areas, and we do not wrap ourselves in the flag and proclaim that patriotism is an attribute exclusive to those who share our ideologies.

    Geez. No wonder so many self-proclaimed God-fearing, gun-packing conservatives with a chip on their shoulder think that liberals are only good for one thing — target practice.

  3. Bigtoe
    March 31, 2013

    Excellent letter, Molly. I hope your friend learned something. She certainly got great material from which to learn.

    And Paula Steiner(1st comment), you are correct. Sen Portman changing his stance on marriage equality after his son comes out is a perfect example. There are several reasons those on the right have difficulty with the ideology of the left, but empathy seems to be what they lack the most. If they had more of it, they probably wouldn’t support the republican platform.

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