Professor of Ethics Brilliantly Highlights The Silly Semantics Of The Anti-Gay Crowd (VIDEO)

Author: April 1, 2013 10:04 pm



In what can only be described as a Carlin-esque eddy of verbal gymnastics, Wayne State University Philosophy Professor and Gay Rights Advocate, John Corvino (aka, The Gay Moralist) brilliantly illustrated the dubious and misleading semantics that we often use when making distinctions between what’s hetero conduct and what’s homosexual conduct. Obviously Professor Corvino realizes that having a dong and using it on another person who also has a dong constitutes homosexuality, so that superficiality was clearly not his aim. Rather, Prof. Corvino attempted to highlight the innate problem with the standard, “Love the Sinner/Hate the Sin” line that’s often used by conservatives who claim to love the gay person but hate the act. It’s basically tantamount to saying that you love your kid but hate that he gets upset for no reason due to his/her depression. After all, both are biological inclinations.

In a rather humorous video posted on YouTube, Prof. Corvino totally rejects the overly simplistic distinctions between homosexual orientation and homosexual conduct. The vigorous supporter of gay rights concluded the video with a very pointed but straightforward message to religious conservatives who want to express their love for LGBT people while still holding same-sex relations in disdain.

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Check Out Prof. Corvino’s Carlin-esque Video Below:

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